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Since we told you about what the SmartPoket metal organizer started to do, we got some advice, Criticism, positive feedback, orders, and – most importantly – requests for a larger version.
In the original post, we noted that the larger version is one of the further stages of our small project, which in the end will make it unique in relation to other known analogs. A small party of a dozen pieces sold quickly, and so we ventured on a larger volume, largely due to your requests.

With your permission, a short post about this.

A good housekeeper vs Best housekeeper

Most people with the word housekeeper first of all will have an image of an accessory made of leather, then, probably , A wooden wooden box, then, perhaps, the image of an adult woman in a noble estate.

Last – we are not at all interested, the housekeeper is also past, but with mobile accessories you can do it in more detail.

They are all made to order keys in a pocket or bag. Most often – in a bag, because the size of housekeepers are such that many are trite in your pocket do not fit. Compression of a keychain is one of the first and basic tasks.

A separate mansion are design models of the premium segment, which can be seen in boutiques: there are very different rules and reasons for choosing an accessory.

The second task, which is solved by the housekeeper: "safety" of lining things or the same pockets. The bundle collected in a small purse neatly lies and does not cling to anything.

Well, finally, convenience issues: quick access to keys, etc.

It's not so simple

Frankly with most of the These tasks, the "classic" housekeeper does not cope. Handbag takes an extra place, which, sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish it.

As for convenient access, it's still a grandmother in two: you have to unfasten the rivet or zipper.

Security? It is debatable because the balance between grace and efficiency is difficult to maintain. Please note that the keys in some models also barely stick out.

Yes, and this is the case. Not heavily burdensome, but a drawback: he took out the key, the rest of the bundle in this bag hung, delayed … It's easier to drop.

Therefore, on the one hand, the topic of housekeepers began to be exploited in the premium segment, where the cost of a wallet for keys can reach tens of thousands, and on the other, people stopped paying any attention to this and for an ideal housekeeper recognized:

Some of the first who felt the "wind of change" were Guys from the project KeySmart, which we honestly wrote in a large detailed material. The idea immediately began to replicate, including us. However!

Today we have an advantage that no one can boast of, perhaps.

The key advantage is the big key

Strange, of course, the phrase …

This is the first comment that we We get, and the first request. Why did it happen that no one thought of it? In the West, these keys are not so widespread and popular, and therefore the need to do something special for them disappears.

Even the leather designer clothes that I saw walking in the same TSUM have dimensions under the "European" keys in the overwhelming majority. KeySmart, the authors of the idea, do not bother at all: do not like something – just buy the same keys and everything.

We went the "long" way (yes, what a pun day) Big smartPoket.

First of all, all the "big" keys are different, and some of them are quite appropriate in the SmartPoket of the basic size.

However, a number of cases involve going beyond. To do this, we increased the size of the housekeeper by a couple of centimeters.

The final version was 11 cm against 9.3 cm in the base.

This made it possible to add the desired large key while preserving the main advantages of SmartPoket.

The next question is the number. A standard bundle with keys from the house can hold up to 5 keys. This is easily realizable. In my it was a little less.

Given that the handle of the big key is slightly larger, on the opposite side you may need a little more gaskets. They are included.

In general, the SmartPocket consists of two plates, fasteners, a set of gaskets, a carbine and a ring.

The carbine can be used as you like, it will suit those who do not want to part with their favorite key fob.

What we achieved

  • Firstly, SmartPoket really makes a bunch of keys compact, the keys do not hang out
  • Secondly, SmartPoket thanks to the "Swiss" mechanism provides quick access to the keys, also contributes to the lack of any fasteners and rivets
  • Thirdly, such a housekeeper occupies very little space in his pocket and minimizes the risk of catching the lining of clothing or bags
  • Finally, it should be said that in this form it is more convenient to open the door: the housekeeper is, as it were, the extension of the key

Well, in addition, you can say that nothing hangs, does not hang when you open or close the door.

Price SmartPoket

Since the big version just appeared, and in many respects we were prompted to this by the comments and reviews here and on the site, Then we decided to share this news with you in the first place.

For those who remember: one of the stages of work on the project, we noted the optimization of prices. While SmartPoket costs 999 rubles. Currently, you can buy it at the promotional price. Another pair of photos

Thank you for taking a look
And inspiration!

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