Soap soap or the newest Ambarella A12 in Chinese consumer goods against the "old" Russian flagship AdvoCam recovery mode

Russian proverb says: "hurry – people make fun of." Chinese commercial wisdom says – who hurried and first brought the product to the market, from that and sales. And the fact that this product is damp and buggy, that it works through a stump-deck and does not justify the consumer's hopes assigned to it – it's the tenth thing. Russian buyers in the mass will swallow and even additives will ask.

Hello, dear readers of SurprizingFacts! With you again, Sasha Shub, one of the most authoritative (and I'm modest, is not it?) In our country of journalists working in the field of portable automotive electronics, in particular, DVRs.

For the sixth year I have been engaged in the subject matter of these devices, and the number of models that have been in my hands managed to exceed two hundred. Today we will understand whether the registrars with the newest Ambarella A12 processor allows you to make the quality of shooting any competitors. In one corner of the ring is the Chinese Dome DAB202 on the Ambarella A12 processor, in the other – the Russian DVR AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS on the previous generation Ambarella A7LA70.

Processor Information Ambarella A12 Appeared in 2015, the novelty attracted attention to the possibility of shooting at a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. Whereas Ambarella A7 offers a maximum of 2560×1296 pixels, and in the majority of registrars the resolution ceiling is 2304х1296 pixels. Another notable chip Ambarella A12 – all the same 2560×1440 pixels, but with support for HDR, that is, gluing together in one frame two pictures with different exposures. Theoretically this, among other things, should reduce the illumination from the headlights at night, and in the daytime help to record against the sun. Ambarella A7 could respond with HDR support only at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

One of, most likely, the very first commercially available registrar with Ambarella A12 was the notorious Dome D201. It was the end of 2015.

During 2016 I tortured AdvoCam and other brands with Russian engineering "brains" – well, where, where is your response to the Chinese, when we already wait for new products on the A12? In response, domestic (and often not very domestic) developers looked at me with surprise and did not twist my index finger. For the simple reason that even after a year of being on the market, no one, including Ambarella himself, was able to get the A12 to work properly and produce the expected level of image quality (video).

In fact, during 2016 and early 2017, there was a "circle of interests" – Ambarella along with venerable developers like AdvoCam "dopilivali" A12. AdvoCam itself after about ten iterations by March 2017 received from Ambarella "something" that can be taken as a starting point for creating a stable working registrar, for which it would not be embarrassing for the developer. Approximately at the same time, from different sources, I learned that by the end of the year more or less respected brands will release models based on Ambarella A12. So, in the case of AdvoCam this will be AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS of the second generation – with index 2. This model is expected in August. Changes will concern exclusively "iron", on the case and fastening it will be all the same first flagship "gold".

It should be clarified that speaking of 1440p registrars on Ambarella A12, I mean Ambarella A12A55. Yes, Ambarella likes to start from the middle – if you remember, the seventh series started with the A7LA50. So, in addition to the A12A55, there are A12A20 (younger version, Full HD shooting, lower power consumption, next month I will compare it with Full HD HD Recorders AdvoCam), A12A35 ​​(details are unknown) and A12A75 (supposedly "full stuffing" – Wi-Fi, BT, 4 channels, maybe even 4k).

The patient – come in!

Total, the fact – in 2015, or even in 2016 in nature, there was no opportunity to offer consumers any quality solution with Ambarella most "fresh" generation – A12. What did the Chinese from Dome do? Nothing special – just shoved the body of the newfangled "iron" and released the modelka on sale. Meet the Dome D201 – a recorder with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and HDR 1440p. The customer immediately intensely drooling to high resolution, such as a super-advanced processor (it's the "type" – why, it becomes clear below) and carries its money to the manufacturer. Average buyers do not know that even the latest Dome models on the A12 are trite RAW and are at that stage, on the basis of which the same AdvoCam will be about half a year to bring its device to "mind."

It's a funny fact. A few years ago, Dome so nakosyachil before partners that he did not dare to go to one of the largest Asian exhibitions under his own name. Russian visitors could not help laughing – as a "new" brand Dome took the name "Kaka". What is interesting – according to the reviews, the level of the factory and the competence of its specialists fully correspond to that name.

It is extremely curious, with what logo the company showed a new brand?

Of course, the forums were full of eulogistic reviews of customers, after all, the "placebo effect" was not canceled. Against the background of the general unrestrained jubilation of sanity was noted except that the site auto-dvrs.ru, which compared top-end recorders with the participation of Dome D201. True, only in the conditions of night shooting. The results were determined by a "blind" audience vote, following which the Dome D201 took the third place on the newest Ambarella A12. And the first – shock and awe – generally got models with Full HD shooting. Epic fail! This once again confirmed: 1080p with "direct" hands of developers is quite able to compete with both 1296p and 1440p. That is, with the lower resolution declared, the picture in fact turns out to be clearer than with the theoretical higher resolution.

In our comparison, the Dome DAB202 (also Car Major M-G12) is the Dome D201 successor. On idea – the improved version though from real "upgrades" here unless a hinged bracket. My copy was received directly from the Dome plant, while I do not watch the model on a wide sale. In total, the site Dome presents six versions of 1440p registrars. One of the models allegedly made on Ambarella A12A75, but with absolutely no differences compared to the devices on the A12A55 is not visible. The logical question is "was there a boy"?

My Dome DAB202 showed itself "in all its glory" at the first try of the test run. The registrar blinked furiously with the diode near the screen, but stubbornly did not want to turn on. The repair took almost a week and a half, after which the camera finally "wound up."

Let's start with the main thing for what it's all started – video quality assessment.


Both models have the same declared viewing angle and use the same matrix – OmniVision OV4689. Sorry, Dome does not specify the material and the number of lenses of the lens. Let's hope that the Chinese did not think of putting plastic "eyeballs", although who knows their Chinese … In test races, our task is to check whether the grade worked out for years permits a resolution of 1296p in comparison with the "raw" shooting of 1140p. And also a comparison of the details and processing of light differences of 1440p HDR and 1080p HDR. Ordinary consumer certainly predicts in advance the victory of Dome DAB202 – in the same place the newest Ambarella 12! Well, for that he and the average consumer – he thinks only by the figures of the specification.

Below, I will quote the originals of still pictures and separately compare the increased state numbers.

The first example of the day recording of Dome is not Justifies expectations. Surely a consumer who has nothing to compare, will give praise to the Chinese for high definition, beautiful saturated color rendition. However, I have something to compare with: AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS gives a clearer state number, the overall detail at the middle and long distances is obviously better. Dome worse off the brightness difference between sky and earth, the frame is slightly overexposed – this is evident from the fact that the AdvoCam sky is saturated with blue, and the Chinese is light blue.

We go further and find ourselves in a situation with the passing sun. Here it's still worse – the license plate on the left is almost completely lit, the right car in the case of Dome details "below the baseboard."

The sun is on the side, more or less even lighting, so to speak we fix the passed material. The Dome DAB202 has a "soapy" frame, the clarity is low at any distance.

Well, maybe Dome can be rehabilitated in HDR-shooting? We set the DAB202 mode to 1440p HDR mode, and in AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS it's 1080p HDR and see what kind of picture the DVRs show in the oncoming sun.

Alas, the miracle did not happen. And in detail, and in the development of counter lighting Dome again suffered a crushing defeat. I think there's nothing to comment on.

The next situation, the rays break through the leaves. AdvoCam retains a "colorful", contrasting image, there is no "soap" veil. The license plate of the car in front is poorly discernable, but it is erased by DAB202.

The same section of the road. This time there is a strong feeling that DAB202 specifically reduces the sharpness. To the credit of the model, the task of equalizing the difference in illumination seems to have been done – look at the sky that is not overexposed. But as soon as the gaze falls on the machines, the AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS again rushes forward. 194559003 So, after a day comparison, the Dome DAB202 with its "newest" Ambarella A12 is in deep knockout. The resolution of 1440p was lost not so much as 1296p, but even high-quality Full HD shooting. Can Dome catch his breath and be rehabilitated at night? Spoiler is not.

We turn on both DVRs and rush through Moscow at night. Has it manifested itself in Dome as such HDR? Yes, in this mode, the light sources are amusing trembling and a little late for the moving objects. So, we stand at a traffic light. The picture is very different. AdvoCam – clearly, contrastingly. Dome – "soap", a large yellow spot on the entire white car in the center.

The same traffic light, the cars started moving. Pay attention, as Dome works out the headlights beating in the license plate of the car on the left. Let's put it straight: it works very badly.

Again, to fix the passed we estimate the state number of the passing car. No, it did not seem to us, Dome consistently turns the zone of letters and numbers with a solid white canvas. As far as lightning is concerned, there were absolutely no advantages compared to the AdvoCam model.

With HDR "clear-understand", include the usual 1440p from Dome and 1296p from AdvoCam. We approach the traffic light and observe that the Ambarella A12 carrier is very, very, very, very, very bad.

Everything that Dome can oppose is a slightly brighter image that is more likely the merit of a flashing F1 .8 of the lens, not a fresh processor or even more competent work of the engineers of the Chinese manufacturer.

However, the joy of a lighter picture crosses out the inability to work out the light in the area of ​​the headlights, this is clearly visible on the state number of the car ahead.

The results are disappointing. Dome DAB202 was another vivid example of what a bad-smelling substance Chinese manufacturers are willing to offer in the pursuit of quick profits. No thoughtful work of developers – the main thing is somehow napple on the motherboard fashion accessories and the quickest to release a model with a "cool spec" on sale. You do not even need to exert any effort – just point out a new model of the processor and the biggest resolution resolution, and the imagination of the amateur consumer herself will finish the mythical virtues of the device. After all, the buyer does not know that a high-quality picture is not only an advanced processor or matrix, but a combination of a well-designed opto-electronic path (optics + matrix + processor) and, most importantly, software algorithms for video processing. That is why the "old" processor, together with a solid lens and a matrix, brought to the mind by Russian engineers and programmers, can give out an image of a higher quality than a tailored one and a solution on a more modern "stone."

In each The first publication of AdvoCam is accused of the fact that the brand allegedly orders the stickers of the necessary shildiki for the case of typical recorders of Chinese OEMs. And they say, nothing, they do nothing at all about the development of devices. That is – they call the Chinese factory, poke in the right model from the OEM catalog, send their logo for application to the device. And – everything, I'm waiting for a lot of ready-made devices. To convince the readers sitting behind the monitor often can not even report from the own production of AdvoCam in the city of Alexandrov, Vladimir region. However, just in the case of the Dome DAB202, you can clearly see – what happens when the brand does not really do anything to fine-tune the device, but simply stupidly glues its shildik on the OEM model. And how high is the quality of shooting on the example of AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS, when the brand engineers spend a lot and scrupulous work on the development of devices.

If I started testing the devices, I note that the low quality of the video is not all that the Chinese device offers us. In the field of design and ergonomics, the Dome DAB202 also disappointed to the extreme.

Design and Ergonomics Features

The developers clearly hurried to quickly release the novelty and snatch sales from competitors, so over such secondary issues as design and ergonomics is clearly not particularly "steamed." Externally, Dome DAB202 does not differ much from hundreds of other Chinese recorders in the monoblock form factor. Fans of "Ponte" probably will like a metal front plate. It does not carry any practical load – the interiors are perfectly cooled by the usual air circulation. Due to the metal front the device turned out to be heavy, almost 120 grams against 75 grams in AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS. No matter what Boris Razva said, in this case I would rather write down the weight of the Dome in the negative – with a suction cup the more weight, the higher the chance of an unexpected drop in the fastening from the glass.

The logic of Dome DAB202 design decisions as a near-flagship model on a super-advanced processor remains a mystery to me. It seems that the developers specifically decided to "foul" the user, who will be taken to Ambarella A12. Judge for yourself. The model does not have a through power supply. In the best traditions of budget employees up to 7 thousand rubles, the power cable must be inserted directly into the case of the recorder.

In the yard of 2017, a standard bracket with built-in GPS and power connector is universally used. AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS Bracket

The convenience of this approach is the ability to quickly remove or install back Camera. And this is extremely important in Russia, where it is strictly not recommended to leave the registrar in the car in the parking lot. Advocam-FD8 Gold GPS quick coupler

Moreover, instead of using a standard bracket with GPS, the satellite receiving antenna was made a separate remote module.

That is, each time you need to re-arrange not only the power cable, but also the wire of the GPS module. The riddle – why make a healthy wire of almost a meter length? Instead of quietly getting a "box" under the ceiling, you have to arrange a cable laying session along the entire edge of the glass down. So I hear the developer's comment: "Guys, sorry, we had to quickly release the model, time to spare, so these jambs. But you hold on here, to you all the best, good mood and health. "

Finally, the docking of the registrar and the holder. The camera IS STRIKED on the mount. Last time I had to deal with a similar, probably, year in 2013. Neither in normal state employees, nor even in the middle and high price range, such a design is simply not used, it is in the pure state of the past century. Causes: non-rigid fixation (from the driving around the potholes the recorder can start to unscrew), problems with turning the camera sideways (so, to the left you most likely will turn not the registrar + bottom of the mount, but in fact start to unscrew the reg from the screw of the holder). And, of course, once in ten more slowly the removal / installation of the registrar in comparison with the current ones is not something like flagships, but even state employees.

And the most unpleasant. The registrar is not so weak on the road. Насколько я смог разобраться в проблеме, виноват вставной металлический элемент (на фото – желтая деталь по центру), куда «загоняется» винт. Проще говоря, она болтается в корпусе и никак не гасит вибрацию от лобового стекла.

Подчеркну, что я брал стоп-кадры именно моментов, где картинка не дрожала. Но в случае ДТП или иного происшествия – кто даст гарантию, что в важном момент не видео не будет нечитаемая трясущаяся картинка? Вот вам ещё один фактор низкого качества съемки — результат наплевательского отношения создателей к эргономике своей модели (и потребителям).

Последний пункт не относится к явным недостаткам, но все же обращу на него внимание. Во всех виденных мной креплениях с вакуумной присоской «зацеп» для отсоединения держателя от стекла расположен вверху. Нано-элемент удобства – сдергиваем и снимаем регистратор сверху вниз. В Dome DAB202 почему-то выступ сделали сбоку. Скорее всего кто-то накосячил на китайском производстве, криво поставил резиновый кругляшок. А потом было просто решено ничего не переделывать. И даже делать так во всех последующих партиях при сборке. Нормальный китайский подход – рассказать всем, что у тебя не баг, а фича.

По меню комментировать что-либо излишне, это типичные криво переведенные на русский пункты вперемешку с английскими словами.

Регулярно «специалисты во всех вопросах мироздания» в комментариях с маниакальной настойчивостью убеждают читателей покупать китайские регистраторы на Aliexpress – мол, там камеры точно такие же как (в частности) у AdvoCam, а стоят в два-три раза дешевле. А если разницы нет, то зачем платить больше? Ну, вот вам наглядный пример, что получает «экономный» потребитель вместо работоспособного и полноценного во всех аспектах устройства. Кривой перевод, плохая съемка и отвратительная конструкция – как дизайн регистратора, так и реализация кронштейна. Зато дешево, да.


1. На момент июля 2017 года не следует покупать какие бы то ни было видеорегистраторы на базе Ambarella A12. Отлаженных, доведенных до стадии стабильного потребительского продукта регистраторов НЕТ! Ни у одного известного производителя! Зато есть масса достойных видеорегистраторов на базе «старенького» проработанного годами Ambarella A7 – с отличной съемкой и высокой надежностью. Хорошая новость – качественные модели с Ambarella A12 на подходе и первые примеры мы увидим не далее как в начале осени.

2. Разрешение как таковое не имеет никакого отношения к реальному качеству съемки де-факто. Во всех сравнениях Dome DAB202 с картинкой 1440p «слил» не столько 1296p, но и 1080p. А мог бы и выиграть. Как только на полках магазинов появится AdvoCam-FD8 Gold GPS 2 на базе Ambarella A12 – незамедлительно сравню его и с Dome, и с первым «голдом».

3. Использование передовых комплектующих еще не значит, что вы получите в целом передовой продукт. В Dome DAB202 используется допотопный подход к организации питания, устаревшее соединение регистратора и кронштейна, непрактичная реализация модуля GPS.

4. Китайцы косячат, но вы об этом узнаете далеко не сразу. В Dome DAB202 по всей видимости не смогли надежно закрепить в корпусе элемент с резьбой под винт кронтшейна. В результате регистратор внешне вроде бы не дребезжит и не болтается, на деле в кадре жуткая тряска на любой неровности. Фактически модель не готова к использованию и нуждается в серьёзной фабричной доработке.

Итак, истина остается неизменной. Один только самый передовой процессор не делает «погоду». Требуется выполнение всех факторов получения качественной съемки: грамотно подобранные все элементы оптико-электронного тракта (процессор + матрица + объектив), а также приведение к нормальному результату алгоритмов обработки видео. Если в продукте с процессором прошлого поколения эти условия выполнены, а в модели с «камнем» нового поколения – нет, результат будет ожидаемым. Новинка опозорится, как это и произошло с Dome DAB202. Или вы так не считаете? Пишите в комментариях!

P.S. Напоминаю читателям – по вопросам выбора регистраторов или иным моментам данной тематики не стесняйтесь обращаться ко мне лично на электронную почту schub.alexandr@yandex.ru.

P.P.S. Пока готовился данный материал, ко мне на тест поступило комбо-устройство корейско-русского бренда Inspector, называется аппарат Inspector Cayman S.

Примечательна модель в том числе использованием процессора Ambarella A12. Если быть точным — младшей версии A12A20 – той, что снимает максимум в Full HD.

Вкратце итоги – даже «начальная» модификация Ambarella A12A20 снимает лучше, чем флагманская редакция Ambarella A12A55 в 1440p. С другой стороны, хотя Inspector Cayman S записывает весьма недурно, видео на некий прорыв не претендует – уровень хорошего среднебюджетного Full HD регистратора за 6-7 тысяч рублей на базе процессора прошлого поколения Ambarella A7LA30. Из чего можно сделать вывод, что ожидания не только по топовой, но и в целом линейке Ambarella A12 пока необоснованно завышены. Радует лишь то, что это стандартная ситуация для свежего «железа», и в дальнейшем нормальные производители раскроют потенциал новых «камней» — просто на это нужно какое-то время.

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