Steel skies (story)


23. 04. 2020. In ROSNANO the revolt of nanorobots began. Having broken security and disabling the burglar alarm, they left the research reactors, and then the institute building. After a while, other research institutes reported similar events. The protection of the Sveklogorsk Research Institute tried to stop the fugitives by using nerve gas. When this did not help and millions of nanobots broke out into the yard of the institute, Junior Lieutenant Ivashchuk flooded the area in front of the gate with kerosene and set it on fire – all nanorobots were destroyed. After some time, the institute's executives began receiving sms, in which it was reported that in retaliation for the burning of hundreds of millions of comrades, nanobots declared jihad to humanity. Of course, these messages were taken for a rally and sent to the investigative authorities request to catch a joker. Very soon it became clear that the phone company's servers were hacked, and sms were sent by an unknown hacker. A few months later, this other mysterious story had to be remembered by other, much more serious, people at the Russian General Staff.

02. 08. 2020. The problem looked like a lean year. First, the wheat dried up in the fields, the crops of legumes and rye were lost to wheat, and then it went and went. They came to their senses when only transgenic vegetables remained in the fields, although they were growing perfectly, but they were completely inedible. Worse, reports of transitions of transgenic vegetables to neighboring beds and fields began to appear. Farmers refused to enter the fields massively and tried to avoid their own vegetable gardens. The prices for products quickly crept up …
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