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Source: Vedomosti

There is no error in the header. This is the amount that the inhabitant of the Tambov region, Aleksey Melekhov, is trying to recover from his operator. This is stated in the company's report for the second quarter of 2017. The operator attributed this claim to "judicial proceedings, the outcome of which may have a significant impact on financial and economic activities," Vedomosti reports.

It is interesting that this trial did not start suddenly and not now – Melekhov is suing MTS more of the year. The problem was that the operator, according to the subscriber, illegally wrote off several free minutes from him. It happened on June 22, 2016. Melekhov decided to file a suit against the company.

In January of this year, after reviewing all the circumstances of the case, the Michurinsky Town Court refused the plaintiff's satisfaction of his demands. The judge announced that all services were rendered in accordance with the terms of the contract and there are no grounds for compensation for moral damage. Moreover, the subscriber is obliged to familiarize himself with the terms of service before entering into an agreement with the company.

The plaintiff did not surrender and filed an appeal. On April 10, a similar decision was made by the Tambov Regional Court. But this did not end there either – Melekhov filed a cassation appeal in June of this year. Recall that it's about writing off 6 minutes.

MTS's total revenue from mobile communications in Russia last year was 295 billion rubles. Thus, the subscriber plans to seize from the operator about 10% of the total revenue.

According to Denis Kuskov, Telecom Daily Director, the subscriber simply did not pay a fee for the next month and considered that there are still minutes in his package. In any case, says Kuskov, the amount of compensation is not proportional to anything. This opinion is shared by the lawyer of the forensic analysis department Heads Consulting Alexander Elizarov. She believes that the claimed amount is overstated and does not meet the principles of proportionality and sufficiency. In the United States, it is possible that the court could take a positive decision for the plaintiff, even with such a sum of action. But in Russia, the court usually understates the amount of compensation for moral damage.


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