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By autumn, many manufacturers are trying to update their range, so that by the time of shopping excitement and sales 11.11 and black Friday to be fully armed. We have accumulated a lot of interesting novelties and we even thought about the digest of the most interesting. In the first issue of this digest came only new items from Xiaomi – this "Chinese Apple" sold out in earnest and creates gadgets for every taste and for any sphere. At the same time, quality, design, assembly and materials do not suffer – we never managed to find a product-failure. But the products-fan, wow and even "suddenly" was enough. As the saying goes, enjoy!

Evolution of Xiaomi employees – we saw, we know

Unexpected new items Xiaomi

Enough to drop smart phones

MP3 players somehow quietly began to leave our lives – people with them are rarely seen even in the gym. But both there and on the morning run it's easier to meet people, with a mournful and frightened look raising the telephone that fell out of the numerous improvised bindings. Agree, expensive pleasure – to pay for the track during warm-up on the treadmill a couple of tens of thousands. But how else – because it is in the mobile phone, or rather, in applications, all the most desired and favorite playlists. Sometimes Bluetooth headphones help out, but not all of them are convenient, and sometimes even with a headband, which is not at all suitable not for sports, but even for a quick step. Xiaomi did not stand aside and released the audio receiver for only $ 18.99 (this is a sale price) – a small very light Bluetooth-device that transmits music from the smartphone without distortion and noises. By the way, the thing has a mount for active sports – now you run, and the smartphone safely rest on the windowsill. A battery of 97 mAh guarantees 4-5 hours of continuous music. The headphone connector is standard 3.5 mm, so choose comfortable / loved ones and enjoy.

The Mi Band

Another novelty for sports people and people considering themselves as such is Original Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartwatch for $ 68.99 (coupon: AMAZFITCS, the price with it is $ 63.49, to the 38 first participants). The waterproof (IP68) smart watch with durable glass monitors the heart rate, monitors the quality and quantity of sleep, counts the steps, shows the time and, in addition, sends notifications of calls and messages on the smartphone (Android and iOS). Battery 190 mAh provides a comfortable time for the gadget. This is the second rebirth of sports watches, designed by Xiaomi, and no less successful than the round Pace, despite the Chinese version (pictograms to help). We hope for the early appearance of absolutely smart smart clocks that can bypass the glory of the Mi Band.

My aviator

Absolutely unexpected for us a novelty – polarizing sunglasses Xiaomi Anti-UV. They will suit everyone: wearing lenses, eyes, drivers, cyclists, fishermen, lovers of river and sea walks (did you feel these glare of glares, which are almost half blind?). The price is $ 46.36, very moderate and not "overheated" for such a model (especially for the first 40 buyers we have a GBapsRU coupon with it, the price will be $ 32.99). But the coolest is the classic design: almost Hollywood "aviators" with thin metal bows and classic smoky glasses (although there are options).

Glasses of this form – full unisex, moreover, they fit absolutely to any oval face: from courageous and large to elegant female. Even the cats want to try on legendary aviators

It's nice to see such a product in the assortment of a popular brand.

And the functional purpose is realized on five with plus:

For owls and those who do not sleep

Another unexpected novelty Xiaomi – capsule coffee machine Espresso Xiaomi SCISHARE. Just for those with whose sleep mode no smart clock can cope. The machine prepares an espresso at a pressure of 19 bar, can use different capsules of coffee from different brands. At the same time on the espresso machine you can adjust 9 levels of coffee strength – from completely light to bitter black, with sourness or a pronounced aftertaste. A distinctive feature for this car, which is still rare, is its compact size – 34x26x10 cm. It does not take much space, but it literally makes coffee for three minutes in the whole family breakfast, and in 20 minutes will enjoy a small office drink. The price of pleasure is $ 165.99, and with the XMCOFE coupon it is generally $ 149.99.

The long-awaited and expected new items Xiaomi

Panoramic camera With 3.5K

This camera was waiting a long time – at first the market learned about it, and then the release of the device was postponed. Xiaomi mijia 3.5K Panorama Action Camera is a panoramic camera on the Ambarella A12 chipset. It is equipped with two 16 Mp-si sensors, working with a viewing angle of 190 degrees each. The camera writes video 3.5 K. The camera body is moisture and dustproof according to the IP67 standard. The battery for 1600 mAh is enough for 75 minutes of shooting and even a little more. If the built-in memory of the camera is small, then it supports microSD memory cards up to 128 GB.

While it is difficult to say how much the camera will "tear" the market – most likely, it will be one of many, but very strong and high-quality model from a popular brand, and not a Chinese know-how, which, alas, more often saddens. We did our best to reduce the price for this camera to $ 245.99, as most stores were aiming for three hundred dollars. But we also have a coupon mijia722, valid for 20 participants, the price with a coupon of $ 240.99. Yandeks.Sovetnik witness of our words:

At least the minimum security of any apartment

We already wrote a detailed article about not quite smart, but safe systems such as "smart house" from Xiaomi. A very short time passed and a new product appeared – the Xiaomi mijia Smart Home Aqara Security Kit for $ 49.99 (with a MIJIAKITES coupon price of $ 47.69, 38 participants). It is also compatible with all other components, but differs in a more modern and refined design. The set includes: the main gateway with support for the luminaire mode with 16 million colors, Internet radio (the producer still claims support for only Chinese channels, but the craftsmen in the comments to the previous post claim to broadcast other channels); Smart button to turn on and switch everything that you can, and two sensors for opening windows and doors. In principle, this set as any suitable for starting, because it gives the user the freedom to choose and purchase exactly the necessary sensors and gadgets.

And as far as sensors are concerned, two new products will go on sale from day to day, which will be better pre-ordered – the demand is great and there's more that will be with the prices, but for now everything is clear: the moisture sensor (finally) for $ 18.99 ( With the WSensor coupon in general $ 15.99 for the first 40 participants) and an infrared sensor with movement and brightness sensor for $ 14.99.

In general, the humidity sensor (simply, the flood) Xiaomi Smart Aqara is a very important thing, especially in houses and apartments of old construction, where sewer communications and roofs leave much to be desired, and in the downpours there can be straits of apartments from the ninth Up to the first floor. The device will send you a timely notification to the application on your smartphone about the disaster that happened – this is exactly the case when you should act lightning fast. Naturally, the case of the device has a waterproof case with a degree of protection IP67 and is suitable for potentially hazardous places such as a bathroom, a toilet, a balcony, an entrance door. The sensor reacts to the "layer" of water from 0.5 mm and is able to send a notification of the water retreat (although for the conditions of the apartment this is very little comfort).

Sensitive IR sensor Xiaomi MiJIA IR Sensor detects movement with a detection angle of 120 degrees, operates at a distance of 5-7 meters, turns on the backlight in the dark. The device is as energy-efficient as other gateways and sensors – on one set of batteries the sensor can live a year. You can come up with many ways to use the sensor, but most importantly – it's safe movement in the darkness of the apartment and no need to grope the switch. This function is especially valuable if there are old people, children or amateurs throwing things and shoes in the house.

Remember the already almost legendary WiMAX Xiaomi Mi 3 routers? So, finally, the updated version – Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3G with four external antennas – was released. It's very difficult to find visual differences, but the hardware stuffing has progressed quite well: instead of the MediaTek MT7620A 580 MHz processor, the MT7621A 880 MHz processor is supplied, and the memory has doubled to 256 MB DDR3-1200, and there is 128 MB SLC Nand Flash ROM. The router supports 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz) standards. The router is able to transmit data at the maximum speed of 867 Mb / s on the 5 GHz channel and 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. In principle, it will suit almost any private user with the most demanding requests: from online games to HD-video. In addition, a USB 3.0 port appeared. The price of the router is $ 49.89, with the coupon of GBXMR3G is $ 45.99.

Suddenly – the mop

Xiaomi got even to the mop – and now Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop turned out. Who lived in the Soviet past, he probably remembers noisy unwieldy polotere for parquet. So, they successfully evolved into smart vacuum cleaners and no less clever, but more functional brushes for washing floors. In fact, it is a compact machine for washing floors – the mop sprays the smallest water suspension and removes absolutely all the dust, erases even complex spots from the floor. The time for continuous cleaning is 50 minutes, the speed is up to 1000 times per minute, there is a backlight for dark and hard-to-reach places. The mop has three types of "wool": soft for dust, stiff for stains, terry for collecting wool, down and other fur of domestic animals and their owners. The handle can move to any angle up to 90 degrees to the floor – so the dust under the beds and cabinets is also doomed. The price with the XMMOP coupon is $ 159.99.

Guys, it seems, do not intend to stop – we are already looking forward to new gadgets, sudden novelties and breakthrough technologies. However, this is not the only novelties of the summer, which should be told on the pages of SurprizingFacts. Remember the Soviet song: "And I'm afraid the Earth will be dislodged from the circle, such a speed technique took." It's then. And now what then?

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