Tesla Amazing – geek-stickers from authors from Russia that can be glued anywhere

"Magnetic" from the company Tesla Amazing at one time surprised the users of Kickstarter, attracted the amount of tens of times more than necessary, and the creators – Russian businessmen – Have concluded a number of successful contracts.

A product: reusable stickers that can be glued to any surface thanks to static electricity.

Surprise a sticker? – We are able, we practice. It would seem that the clerical accessory, which has long been an integral part of office life, was decided to re-invent anew. The project was undertaken by cousins ​​of entrepreneurs from Perm: Dmitry Samoylovsky and Alexei Bragin, who adapted the Finnish technology and brought to the retail buyer.

Kickstarter was chosen as the launching pad, where during the project at the request of 12 000 dollars it was possible to collect about 300 000 dollars. Since then, in Russia, they, stickers, have appeared several times, including ours (there remained the option A4).

What is this

Tesla Amazing is Reusable stickers of different sizes that stick to any surface without glue.

Among the materials: plastic, glass, wood, wallpaper, textiles – anything, depending on circumstances, necessity and imagination. By "reusability" in the first place, one should understand the possibility of peeling and fixing again. This possibility can be useful, for example, in a working environment, when one and the same fixed thought needs to be duplicated several meetings in a row.

Magnetic materials fixed in one place can be quite long : They hung out of us, until they got bored, a few months. Moving them on the surface from place to place can be done by dragging: the absence of an adhesive layer allows them to slide easily.

Also the absence of any glue allows the "Magnetic" not to leave any traces on the place of attachment.

Than to write

Tesla stickers are not paper. First, it makes them extraordinarily reliable. Even with the effort to break them is almost impossible. True, there are traces and stickers from the tension, and some stickers lose some of their "sticky" qualities.

Secondly, this paper will endure all. And on the stickers, as practice shows, it's best to write with a pencil, ballpoint pen or marker.

The surface of Tesla Amazing is glossy, and there is some risk of "lubricating" what was written. If is very trying very hard and pressing your finger with a finger on the records, then of course you can achieve this effect:

Look close to the upper part of the letter "S".

The marker grasps in seconds. An example of two lines: one at a time to draw a finger instantly, on the other – after five seconds.

Otherwise – no problems. To write on such a smooth sliding surface is quite pleasant, it must be admitted, and it even seems that the speed of writing increases. This is noted by the foreign authors of the reviews (one, two). In general, the experience after such stickers is positive.

The reverse side of the medal

The second part of the "reusability" is also linked to the marker: two-sided stickers, and the marker is easily rubbed off Finger, after which you can make new notes. This can significantly extend the life of one sheet!

The sticker is attached to the front part no worse.

The size does not matter

The main delight of all the products was, of course, in small stickers. However, in the assortment of the company there are any sizes, up to the poster.

However, it does not matter much. For example, from the sheet "A4" you can safely cut yourself a "reminder" of different sizes and cover them with the whole wall: the properties of the "Magnetic" will not disappear anywhere.

The "gadget" is operating due to static electricity using patented Finnish technology, the developers of which have entered the project as co-investors. It is also worth noting that this project has nothing to do with the company Mask

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