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And again, I welcome you, my dear readers. Since the release of the previous part was already six months, but the theme of it does not cease to be relevant. Still, in the undeserved oblivion are magnificent examples of the genre of the genre. And I come to their aid again – the hero they deserve. Without superfluous forewords, we will begin.


The game with the original art, original music, original idea, original mechanics, original everything. In a certain kingdom, in a certain state, there lived triangular amoebae, called, suddenly, triames. Once six triames decided to merge into one, and the result was a hexagonal piece called the Wolvox. And she said a thing: to be multicellular abruptly, let's evolve urgently. The triamenes scratched the cell membranes with flagella and decided – and give. But since the creatures are still not very smart, they will need the help of a player for this.

From the gameplay point of view, it's a game about rolling triangles. Some sides of some triangles are marked with green, the goal of each level is to combine these sides with the same green marks. In the palette, however, there are other colors. The yellow sides sticky, adhering, the triameba becomes motionless. Red – explosive; A triameba with at least one such side can trigger apoptosis, destroying it and everything to which it adjoins in red. The blue sides cancel the effect of any other parties … In short, there is no time to explain, go to Steam immediately and buy this charm.


Fire'n Ice


The Intouchables! And we are transported more than twenty years ago. In the ninety-third year of the last century, this game, also known as Solomon's Key 2, was released. However, if many people heard about Solomon's Key, the sequel remained almost unnoticed. And completely in vain. I stumbled on Fire'n Ice in my first year by accident, sorting through all the games that came with the NES emulator. I fell out of the reality of the clock by twelve, and this music still sometimes sounds in my head.

What makes one to love this game is the magnificent mechanics of ice. When you press the B button, the player character pokes a magic stick forward and down, creating or destroying an ice block there. If you create ice next to another ice, the two blocks become one. Single blocks can be pushed, while they slide until they come across some obstacle. In a collision with fire, the ice destroys it and disappears itself. In the process of the game, more and more properties of this amazing substance are discovered … Communicate splendidly here:


Slayaway Camp


If you are both a fan of puzzles and horror films, then this game is unequivocal for you. In the role of the ruthless killer Cherepomordogo (or one of his unlocked comrades) you have to plunge into the wonderful world of square splashes of blood and cubic violence. As you may have noticed, I usually try to upload a gameplay video, but this time I just can not deny myself the pleasure to share with the readers the official game trailer. And at the same time one more time to see it myself. Trailer is great.

The essence of the gameplay will tell in words. It is based on the standard mechanics "move in one of the four directions, until you rested on something." The cherepomordny introduces a small addition: "if you rest on something alive, kill it in the most cruel way." However, it is not necessary to kill personally. If Cherepomrudnyi finds himself in a cage next to the innocent inmate of the camp, the latter will start running in horror from him. Perhaps, on his way will meet a bonfire. Or a mine. Or a deep hole …


Talesworth Adventure


] An old flash toy in two parts is enough. The screenshot is taken from the second part, in the first graph is even more unpretentious. And yet they are both very good. Why? Of course, because the gameplay.

The main character – Questy the Adventurer – chose the motto "dementia and courage" ". You are playing for some higher power, which seeks to save his life. Spreading on the level of various objects, it is possible (and necessary) to control the behavior of Kvesti, since it is completely deterministic. While nothing prevents or distracts, he will run forward. Having stuck in a wall – will turn to the right. Seeing the gold – will run to gold. And so on, and so forth.

http://www.kongregate.com/games/ Mrjinx / talesworth-adventure-the-lost-artifacts



A perfect illustration of why the modern copyright system is bad, and piracy is justified. Somewhere a year ago, having decided to buy for money the favorite game of my youth, I found that it quietly, modestly, without extra pomp, went into the status of abandonware. Simply put, it was legally impossible to acquire it. The "buy" button on the official site did not work, they did not answer the support. Now, just before writing these lines, I checked again, and the situation has changed: the official site ceased to exist at all. If it were not torrents and other hotbeds of varesa, the world would lose its masterpiece.

Paradoxion gives a new meaning to the concept of " Trivyadka. There is a field on which the balls are scattered. The player must add a few more balls to the field so that in the end everything disappears. When three identical balls gather in a row, they disappear in a flash of light. In this case, they can push other balls, forming new combinations of three and potentially triggering a chain reaction. As you can understand from the gameplay video, then everything becomes somewhat more complicated, but the essence remains the same.

Free version with fewer levels. Interestingly, this is not just a truncated version of the main game, the levels in it are original, so it makes sense to go through it before / after the original.
Full and once-paid version:

and as a bonus:

Frozen Fruits


Only two things are noticeable in this game. First: she once was on the disk-application to the magazine "Igromania". Second: I once played it to the holes. Hand on heart, I can not say that it corresponds to the name of the post, being the "best" puzzle. On the other hand, in part about "no one knows" everything is damn true.

You control the ball, And do it quite original. On the X axis, you can move it as you like, but the movement along the Y axis can only be accelerated or slowed down by a fixed amount, you can not stop it or change the direction at will. Faced with a block of its own color, the ball destroys it. The goal is to destroy all the blocks with fruits (apparently, those same frozen fruits). Of course, this is a simplified description, the game is not so primitive, and there are many nuances, such as blocks, the destruction of which means a loss, the blocks, when bouncing from which the ball becomes uncontrollable, and other things in this spirit. If you are fed up with modern gaming, go for it.


I think that said enough. Take my leave.

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