The Chimera's Gene. Chapter 22 / SurprizingFacts

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What is the book about?

Another world. The future of mankind is different. A society where all people are rigidly divided into First and Second social class depending on age. Two who decided that they could be together, despite all the laws. And a brutal retribution for their ambitions:)


For me it is, first of all, a fantasy with elements of cyberpunk, biopank, anti-utopia and Post-apocalypse.

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The abandoned subway no longer inspired Oyushusha of horror. It was much worse there, in the middle of a forest park, when he realized that they were chasing him. In the metro, the danger was far-fetched, the creation of tales and imagination, whereas there it was quite real.

Oytush first wanted to tell Isaac about the Island, in the second – to try to apologize, but the head of the resistance made it clear that neither is for now, not for the time. His human eye was burning with anger, and jaws played on his cheekbones, as he was very disappointed in one of his best warriors. The trial on Katokin should be held in the next few hours.

– Can I speak to him? – asked Oytush, after the doctors brought him into a divine form. The remains of the needles were removed, and a dozen stitches were applied to the face.
 "Only quickly," replied Tomb City, who was assigned to guard the traitor. The trial will soon begin.

Oitush knew that Katokin was found guilty and executed, but he could not see him before that.
 "If anything, scream louder," Tomb tapped the iron door of the hangar, which held the former officer. – Although, it is no longer a threat.

This was correctly noted. Katokin was sitting on a chair, his head drooping down. His hands were handcuffed behind his back, and streams of blood flowed down his face. It must have been that the guy was not badly taken when he was detained.

Oytush slowly approached him; The wound on Katokin's thigh bleed, apparently, no one bothered to bandage it.
 "It's you," the former officer said hoarsely, lifting his face to Oyushusha.
 "As you live, as you can see," he answered dryly.
 – Me … I was framed, – Katokin coughed coughfully.
 – Yah? – Oytush's voice sounded confident, but he himself suddenly became on his own. Katokin was not one of those people who would lie in the face of imminent death.

– They execute me, you know our laws. I just want you to know.
 "Who set you up?" – Oytush tried to catch his murky, gliding look.
 "The personnel already tried to knock out anything from me," Katokin's mouth was missing a good half of his teeth. "But I do not remember anything."
 "You wanted to kill me from the very beginning," Oytush said. "Since I was taken from an acid lake."
 "I did not trust you, it's true," Katokin nodded. "But that's no reason to kill."
 "I wound you," Oyushush said, nodding at the foot.
 "You're mistaken," the warrior grinned bitterly.
 – You made a crash at the station? – Oyitush went on the offensive.
 – No, I say the same!
 – Then who the hell?
 – I do not know! Cried Katokin and jerked his whole body.

His handcuffs clinked, but Oyushush did not think to back away. Tomb City arrived and two other tough guys.
 "Is everything all right, Oitush?" Proton asked.
 "Yes, in full," Oytush answered, continuing to drill Katokin with his eyes.

But that was not true. He left the hangar in complete confusion. Is it possible that Katokin does not lie? On the one hand, Oytush did not see the attacker's face, but on the other hand the chopped wound on his thigh was in the same place where he planted Karen's knife. The soldiers said that they had taken Katokin in the forest, besides, his exoskeleton was defective, Oytush noticed at the station. Is it possible that someone cut down a healthy officer, took his weapon, exoskeleton and dragged him into the forest, so much so that no one noticed? Oyushush shook his head: it was too unrealistic.

Contrary to his expectations, the court was public. Dozens of people gathered around the main bonfire. Dirty, in rags, many women were with babies in their arms. At some point, Oytush felt disgust for the whole crowd, who flew to look at the execution of the officer. But looking at Isaac, who came forward, he realized that this measure was designed to intimidate. Let everyone know what happens to traitors.

Two people in uniform brought Katokin. He was stripped to the waist, and his face looked like a huge hematoma. Oytush spoke to him only an hour ago, but now the sight of this broken man made him flinch. Beatings and torture left no trace of that smiling man with fierce whiskers.

– Katokin Reed, – Isaac said loudly. – You are accused of colluding with the protector, in the subversive bombing of the metro station, in the betrayal of the resistance army, and in the double attempt to kill the officer of the staff – Oytusha Avery.
Hearing his name, Oytush shuddered involuntarily.

– Do you have anything to say in your defense?
 "I already said everything," Katokin answered without raising his head, and Oytush realized that these words were addressed to him personally. – I was framed.
 "When you were detained, you found a stunner with two empty clips," Isaac said. "Besides, you were wounded by the soldier Avery when he tried to kill him.
The crowd whispered, and Oyushush felt that many people's eyes were on him.

– All I remember is how someone at the end of my watch at the station knocked me out … – Katokin squeezed out of himself.
 "Stop fooling us, Reed!" – Sotorn could not stand it. – You're one of the best fighters in the personnel, who could knock you out ?!
The officers whispered approvingly; It is obvious that most of them were anti-Katokin.

– Silence! Bellowed Isaac. In a waistcoat, wearing a naked body, with an unchanged sword and belt, the cyborg inspired the tremendous crowd that stood before him. – I have another witness.

The horror reflected on the faces of people, when Nate rolled out of the tunnel rhythmically tapping the handle of the trolley. Now, in the light of the fire, he did not look as frightening as the first time, and yet the chill ran down Oitush's back.
 "Good evening, good evening," he said impulsively, releasing a pillar of smoke from his mouth. "And here is your invisible guardian angel."
The soldiers immediately took him to fly, to which Nate only grinned:

– I am very glad for your warm welcome.
The soldiers frowned, but they did not lower their weapons.
 "Do you remember why you're here?" – Isaac coldly reminded him.
 "I have to give evidence," Nate tightened. It was noticeable that he feared Isaac, although he did not give a careful look.
 – Speak.
 "A month ago I saw a man in an exoskeleton laying explosives at Arsenalnaya station," Nate said.
The crowd roared softly.

– Do you know that protective suits are available only to officers of the staff? Asked Isaac, blocking the general rumble. – Moreover, they are all personalized. In other words, another person can not control the neurointerface of one exoskeleton.
 "Of course," Nate nodded.

Here they are. This Oytush did not know. It turns out that Katokin was still guilty, if, of course, someone did not crack this neuron interface.
 "I strengthened the walls," retorted Katokin, and then, looking at Isaac, added. "You gave me that order yourself."
The head of the resistance did not even look at him with respect. The rest looked at Reed with undisguised hatred and disgust, as if on a cockroach. Everything except Oitush.

– I want to make a statement, – was heard from the crowd. The people parted, letting Tor Mathias to the fire.
 – Karen and I returned to the station before Oytusha. At the checkpoint, we did not notice Katokin, and when asked where he was, the guards answered that he had left without explaining the reason.
 "That's right," some of the officers nodded.
 "No one has the right to leave his post," said Sotorn, burning the accused with a look.
 "But I said that they attacked me!" – From the last force shouted Katokin. – I do not remember anything!

Oytush saw how Isaac restrains himself not to hit him. Suddenly a brilliant idea occurred to him. Brain bugs. If Katokin is right, and he was really framed, then they just need to find out who did it. Brain beetles will help him resurrect the failures in memory, as they helped him.
 "The court pronounces you guilty and condemns to execution, which will be executed immediately," Isaac said loudly.
 – No! – shouted Oitush, but his voice was drowned in the general chaos. Previously, it was necessary to shine with ideas.

Two soldiers grabbed Katokin and put him on his knees. "They will kill him now!" – thought Oytush and began to squeeze forward, to the fireplace. People pressed him from all sides, shouting "Traitor!" And other, stronger words in relation to the criminal.
Closer to the very center of what was happening, Oyushush saw how the soldiers put a sort of collar around Katokin's neck, and Isaac personally fixed his head with his chrome plaster.

– No! Stop, Isaac! This is mistake! – shouted Oitush under the onslaught of the crowd.
But it was already late. Otyusha's full despair was confronted with the lifeless look of the former officer. Another moment – and his collar jerked, piercing through both the carotid arteries. Katokin's head fell lifeless on his shoulders; Two took him by the arms and laid him on a stretcher.

What happened next – Oytush badly remembered. Isaac said something about the betrayal, which is punishable by death, Katokina was carried away, and the townsfolk, full of the spectacle, began to quietly go home.
Just three hours ago Oytush would have enjoyed such an outcome, but now there was only a void inside him and a firm conviction that they all made a big mistake


One year earlier

The cleric of the Protectorate did not hide his face. It was not necessary: ​​what kind of fool would dare to go against the totalitarian system that was erected over the centuries, a millstone that can grind anyone with its gigantic jaws.
Mr. Obadaya Long was not an ordinary policeman. He was obviously someone from the highest ranks: his red cloak with a hood and polite, even friendly manners spoke about this.

– So, did we agree with you?
 – Yes. I fulfill the terms of the contract, and you send me to the Island.
 – Quite right. Let me find out, Mr. Nomi. "Obadiaha narrowed his eyes, and his thin lips touched a half-smile. "Why should you go there?" You will be like a Neanderthal person, the only one who does not have talent.
 "I learn quickly, and adapt myself even more quickly," his companion did not seem embarrassed. "I'm smart." You'll see for yourself when I give you Isaac.
 "We do not need Isaac, I repeat." Obadiah's smile instantly disappeared. – Let him and his team play in their sandbox for the time being. We fully control the resistance, while it does not climb into adult games.
 – Then who do you need?
 "We need someone who digs too deep." Who is aware of the Island more than follows.

Mr. Long's interlocutor shrank from the dank wind. At the railway station, where the meeting was scheduled, drafts blew from all sides, piercing to the very bones. Autumn is about to end, and there is winter. And the winter in an abandoned subway – a test then. Dozens of fires that are bred in rusty canisters can not be protected from the cold. You wake up from the clatter of your own teeth, and you can not fall asleep until morning.

The interlocutor of Obadiah Longa knew very well that not all the rebels would survive another winter, and he did not want to be among them. Not only weak and weak children or old people died; Last winter one of the sentries froze right at his post.

– I understood everything, – he nodded, watching as Obadaya carefully stirred the sugar in a plastic cup of coffee. In appearance, the servant of the guardianship was his peer; His face and hands were sleek, and his fingers were well-groomed and covered with a clear varnish. Absolutely black eyes combined with snow-white eyebrows and hair gave him the appearance of a slightly otherworldly, it is not surprising that Mr. Nomi wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible and get out of here.
 "That's wonderful," Obadiaha narrowed his eyes, smiling at him as if he were the best friend.

Did the conscience of the one who called themselves Nami? He was always a failure. At school and at the university, from which he was safely expelled. When Isaac recruited him, he decided that he could start everything from scratch, but he was the weakest of the others in the subway. While all his friends enthusiastically waited for another outing from the camp, his hamstring shook to a loss of pulse. However, Nomi was not really stupid: he was smart enough not to show his cowardice, and, moreover, to make Isaac and the rest believe in his talent and irreplaceability.

He also knew that Isaac would not win. Never. Whichever resources he possesses, the protectorate will always be one step ahead. The last thing he wanted to be arrested and rot in prison, but the prospect of living a lifetime in vile catacombs was no less disgusting. So no, Mr. Nomi did not bite his conscience. He was unpleasant to expose friends, but life is life, and everyone cared only about his own skin.


– That's all I managed to remember – Oytush finished his monologue , Which lasted about an hour. "But this information, I believe, is more than enough.

He looked carefully at the five people sitting at the table, keeping his eyes on Isaac.
He did not look shocked, rather, as a man for whom at that moment much has developed. And after losing Katokin, Isaac did not want to kill him. Surely he knew that Oytush would break the order by going AWOL and foresaw that this could have interesting consequences.

– You are the only ones I can trust, – added Oytush. "And I very much hope that resistance," here he again looked intently at Isaac, "will make the right decision."
 – Well, you must! Snorted Karen, breaking the silence first. – This damned Island was at our side all the time!
 "We've been looking at the wrong way all this time," Zachariah added.
 "Do you remember the depth of the well, Oyushush?" Proton asked.
 – No, I say the same. As a child, I did not remember the numbers. I only know that it is at the bottom of a giant oceanic depression.
 "We've never studied the world's ocean," Torah took off his big glasses and wiped them. "They distracted our attention, forcing us to look at the sky." If we focus on finding major tectonic faults, we can easily calculate their location.

– It turns out that the Island is a piece of land hidden deep in the ocean … And the atmosphere there is also artificially created, – Isaac summed up thoughtfully.
 "Yes, a huge air bubble with a complex gateway system," Oytush nodded. – I remember in my childhood I often dreamed that the sky was about to crumble and crush me. Now I understand why.
People at the table looked thoughtfully.
 – How do we get there? Karen asked.
 "There's only one alternative: to borrow a bathyscaphe that carries gifted ones," the head of the resistance crossed his arms over his chest.
 – To borrow? Wait a minute, "Oytush cried." What do you mean, Isaac?
 "We'll go there." All six, – the cyborg replied.
 – But why? Let's go to war on the gifted? – Oyushush went too far with facial expressions, and the wounds on his face began to ache again.
 "First we'll gather information, officer Avery," Isaac said dryly. – Do not forget about the project "X", about the animatos that these assholes are cultivating.

But Oytush did not believe him. Isaac obviously has something in mind, otherwise why should he be interested in the lock system.
As if reading Oityush's thoughts, the cyborg added concisely:
 "Your friend will not suffer, Oyushush." I give you my word.
The guy involuntarily met with a look from Karen. "I'll have to thank her for the knife," he thought.

"What shall we do with the seers?" Proton asked. "They will certainly know about our plan in advance."
 "We will act according to the circumstances," answered Isaac vaguely. Even more, Oitushu did not like the fact that after the meeting he ordered Torah and Zacharias to stay for a one-on-one conversation.

– What do you think he's up to? He asked Karen.
But the girl looked somewhere past him.
 – Karen?
 – What? Oh, I'm sorry. "She rubbed her tired eyes." I'm just lying on my feet. "
Until Oyushush only began to realize that while he was lying in the rain, catching insights, some in the subway could not find a place for himself.

– I'm sorry I made you worry, – he said. — И спасибо за нож.
 — Нож? — Карен непонимающе уставилась на него.
 — Да, я нашел его у себя в кармане, — пояснил Ойтуш. — И засадил этому ублюдку…
Тут он осекся, сообразив, что это был не Катокин.

— В чем дело?
 — Айзек казнил не того солдата, — негромко произнес Ойтуш. — Лазутчик все еще в подземке.
 — Ты уверен? — Карен нахмурила обожженные огнем от зажигалки брови.
 — Более чем, — кивнул Ойтуш. — Но это неважно сейчас… Иди отдохни.
 — Да, пожалуй, — Карен обессиленно выдохнула и по привычке начала хлопать себя по карманам в поисках пачки сигарет.

Ойтуш покачал головой, и положил свои руки поверх ее, смуглых и жилистых.
 — Не надо, — сказал он в ответ на ее немой вопрос.
 — Это тебе… не надо, — смутилась Карен.
Только сейчас Ойтуш понял, о чем говорил ему Томб Ситис. Карен была влюблена в него, это было написано на ее лице.
 — Где ты живешь, Карен? — спросил он, по-прежнему не выпуская ее руки.
 — С Эвелин, возле теплиц, — девушка неопределенно мотнула головой в сторону.
 — Пойдем, я провожу тебя, — не предложил, а поставил перед фактом Ойтуш.
 — Я сама дойду, — неожиданно дерзко огрызнулась Гравано, но парень лишь крепче сжал ее запястья.

В эту минуту он не думал ни о ком, кроме Карен. Она была в его руках, и он не собирался ее отпускать.
 — Я уже сказал тебе спасибо? — шепнул он, наклоняясь совсем близко к ее лицу. Не накрашенная, веснушчатая, с искусанными пухлыми губами — она была идеальна для него.
 — Не помню, — ответила Карен, выдерживая его взгляд.
 — Спасибо, — Ойтуш поцеловал ее губы, долго и с наслаждением.
Умерев и воскреснув в очередной раз, он понял одну простую истину: все впустую, если не умеешь наслаждаться моментом.


На этот раз встреча должна была состояться в самом здании протектория. Несмотря на середину осени, на улице было тепло и очень влажно, однако внутри это серой неприступной громады царила прохлада. Мистер Номи шел, прихрамывая на изувеченную ногу. Каким же надо быть идиотом, чтобы дать этому выродку покалечить себя? В подземке ему приходилось все время притворяться и едва ли не галопом скакать перед Айзеком и его сворой, но здесь можно было немного пощадить себя.

К тому же сейчас амплуа страдальца будет как никогда впору мистеру Номи. Обадайя наверняка собирается устроить разнос, так может быть, вид калеки несколько смягчит его.
Сияющий мистер Лонг с неизменной чашечкой кофе в руках вышел к нему навстречу. Рядом с ним важно шагал мальчик лет восьми в идеально сидящей форме группы дознания.

— Привет, привет, — сказал Обадайя, улыбаясь Номи, словно старому приятелю. — Чем порадуешь?
 — У меня есть хорошие новости, — Номи почувствовал, как во рту его пересохло.
 — Ойтуш Эвери мертв?
 — Нет, — парень опустил глаза, не в силах выдерживать сумасшедшего взгляда абсолютно черных глаз Обадайи.
 — А почему? — участливо поинтересовался тот.
 — Я не смог убить его. Он оказался слишком живучим. Взгляните, что он сделал с моей ногой…
 — Мне плевать на тебя! — неожиданно крикнул Лонг, срывая голос. — Я могу приказать, и тебе вырвут язык прямо сейчас!

Его высокий голос эхом разнесся по залу и темным коридорами протектория. Несколько служителей в длинных плащах обернулось. Больше всего на свете мистеру Номи хотелось провалиться сквозь землю, но все, что он мог, это проклинать себя за эту сделку с протекторием, которая оказалась ему не по зубам.

— Мне позвать карателей? — поинтересовался мальчик в форме.
 — Не надо, Ройсс, я пошутил, — сказал Лонг, продолжая сжигать несчастного посетителя взглядом. — Дадим Номи еще один шанс. Что скажешь, мистер Двуликий?

Обадайя невероятно гордился собой, придумав это прозвище, но он вовсе не был оригинальным. Как только не называли человека, чье лицо было наполовину парализовано. «Мистер Двуликий» звучало не так оскорбительно, как, например, паралитик или урод, но все же напоминала Торе Матиасу о своем врожденном недостатке.

— Я убью Ойтуша, обещаю, — сказал он, снова встречаясь взглядом с черными глазами.
 — Вот и славно, — тот снова приторно улыбнулся и отхлебнул уже остывший кофе. — Так что за новость ты нам принес?
 — Айзек собирается на Остров, — сказал Тора.
 — Так, так, это интересно. И когда?
 — Когда я достану ему сведения о морских беспилотниках.
 — Через неделю с мыса Дьявольские врата отправляется судно «Вектор» с тремя батискафами. Они повезут сырье, — отозвался Лидо Ройсс. Рядом с Обадайей он напоминал собачонку на поводке, готовую выполнить любую команду.
 — Просто отлично! — хлопнул в ладоши Обадайя, разбрызгивая черную жидкость из чашки. — Скорми Айзеку эти новости, и ровно через неделю мы будем ждать их во всеоружии.
 — А наша сделка? — напомнил Номи-Тора.
 — Да, да. Ты сможешь отправиться тем же рейсом. Если выполнишь все условия до конца.

Обадайя и Ройсс ушли, оставив Тору стоять, переваривая случившееся. Он только что сдал им родного брата, друзей и того, кого всегда уважал и ценил, как лидера и наставника. Другой на его месте ненавидел бы себя, но Тора мечтал лишь о том, как свалит из этого проклятого города.

С самого детства он завидовал своему брату, одаренному, чей феноменальный ум щелкал самые сложные задачи, как орешки. Это Захарии всегда было предназначено отправиться на Остров, а не ему. Что ж, теперь он с удовольствием посмотрит на то, как его маленькое тщедушное тельце пойдет на дно.

Вернувшись на станцию, Тора сразу же направился в медблок. Надо было извлечь чип и перебинтовать бедро, пока оно снова не начало кровоточить. Черт, этому ублюдку Лонгу надо было встретиться именно сегодня! Пришлось вкалывать себе транквилизаторы, чтобы хоть как-то ходить. Но сейчас их действие уже подходило к концу, и Тора еле плелся, волоча ногу за собой. Если кто-то увидит его в таком состоянии — вопросов не избежать.

В медицинском блоке было пусто. Парень в изнеможении плюхнулся на кушетку. Его рубашка насквозь пропиталась потом, волосы на голове взмокли и растрепались. Содрав с себя штанину, он обнаружил, что нога знатно опухла — заживление шло гораздо медленнее, чем он предполагал. Ну еще бы, ведь этот урод всадил нож почти до самого основания.

Но прежде всего нужно было извлечь пиратский чип. Приставив к шее небольшое устройство, напоминающее шприц-ручку, Тора приготовился испытать боль. Секунда — и крошечный микропроцессор звякнул о стенки капсулы. Парень швырнул его в контейнер для бытовых отходов и измученно закрыл глаза.
Капелька крови вытекла из носа Торы. Еще штук десять таких операций, и он точно наградит себя раком мозга.

— Что с тобой? — прозвучал за спиной чей-то удивленный голос. Это была Карен Гравано.
Недоверчиво хмурясь, девушка стояла в дверях медицинского блока.
 — Был на задании Айзека, — как можно более равнодушно ответил парень. — Не поможешь мне?
Карен аккуратно наклеила пластырь поверх раневого канала.

— Почему ты не позвал Захарию? — спросила она.
 — У него дел сейчас по горло, как и у всех. Кстати, а ты зачем приходила? — поинтересовался Тора.
 — Нужны были таблетки от головы, — соврала Карен. Тут взгляд ее упал на бедро Торы, наспех прикрытое тряпками. — Черт возьми, а это еще что?!

Глаза Торы полыхнули стальным блеском. Лучше всего было убить ее прямо здесь, а тело выкинуть в утилизатор. Однако, в таком состоянии он вряд ли справился бы с одним из лучших бойцов личного состава.
 — В нулевых районах все еще полно отморозков, — ответил Тора, показывая рану. — Отморозков, вооруженных гвоздезабивными пистолетами.
 — Что ты там делал? — Карен явно заподозрила неладное.
 — По заданию Айзека, я же сказал, — еще один вопрос, и ему действительно придется перерезать ей горло.

Карен кивнула, но Тора мог поклясться, что она не поверила ему. Да и кого он пытался обмануть? Гравано вовсе не походила на наивную девчонку, которой можно навешать лапшу на уши. Но вопреки всему, на лице девушки отразилось вполне искреннее сочувствие.

— Давай я помогу тебе обработать рану, — предложила она.

Продолжение следует:)

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