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What is the book about?

In the distant future, people are no longer equal to each other. The protectorium of all divided into classes: The first, enjoying the benefits of a surviving civilization and the second – a worker who does what he is told. And the difference is just about the age.
Corporations that sell people like living toys, surveillance and total control with the help of chips … It is impossible to get out of this game, because the patch is always one step ahead.

The book

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 "My sister and I have been here for three hours," Chang said, helping the soldiers get out of the hold. – Crew is eliminated, stand-alone modules are fully ready for submersion.
 "That's how Hammatsu's resistance works," Proton Oyushu whispered. "Look at Faya, she's not even ten!"
A cheeky girl with plump lips looked very nice, if not for a sniper rifle in her hands. She looked very much like her sister, only Chang's face was not cheeky, but oval with beautiful olive-colored skin and wide eyebrows.

Hence, Faya and Chang were representatives of that most legendary resistance of Hammatsu, which lives somewhere in the mountains. And once Isaac managed to persuade them to help us?

"I do not even know how to thank you," said the cyborg, after they embraced Chang in a friendly manner. – Your efforts "Bastet" is entirely in our hands.
 "We'll take the raw materials," Chang said, without explaining why. But Oytusha was more interested in something else: why did Isaac say "Bastet"?
 "As you like," Isaac shrugged. – And you can swim with us, we just one place is freed. Is it true, the Torah?
After uttering the last sentence, he put the blade of the sword straight to the guy's throat.

– You were sure that we were on "Vector", was not it? Continued Isaac in an icy tone. – "Vector" sailed an hour ago. Together with the servants of the protectorate, to whom you surrendered us.
The grave silence fell on the deck instantly. The fact that the traitor was exposed long ago was known to everyone except himself.

– Isaac, – the face of the Torah became deadly pale
 "What an idiot I am," Isaac continued, pressing the blade deeper and deeper into the neck of the Torah. "I killed a soldier loyal to me." I blew all our plans to the enemy. I put in jeopardy all resistance. And all due to the fact that he warmed a fellow like you.

This now Isaac was calm, but Oytush saw him in moments when the betrayal of the Torah was revealed. He tore and metal, like an angry bear. Of all the officers, the Torah was the closest to him, and his betrayal wound Isaac in the heart. When Karen told them about what she saw in the medical unit, no one could believe for a long time. Even Zechariah did not know that the Torah was in collusion with the protectorate.

– For betrayal, you are sentenced to death, which will be executed immediately, – saying this, Isaac made a short movement with a brush.

Head Torah rolled along the deck, leaving a bloody trail. Oyushush looked at his face: for the first time both of his halves looked symmetrical.


It was necessary to get out of here as soon as possible. Very soon the reinforcements will arrive, because the crew has not answered the dispatcher's requests for more than two hours.
 – How soon will we be at the dive point? Asked Cites.
 "Seven minutes later," Zacharias consulted the Oka-2 indicators.

Proton and Isaac opened one of the sealed hatchets hatches: there were six adult men and one woman. They all slept like a kitten.
 – Oyushush, Karen, help! – Proton shouted and began to unload people.
 – I wonder what they pumped? – Karen lifted the eyelid of one of them: the pupil did not react to light.
Chang, Faya and Zahri at that time were busy with the second drone.

Three minutes remained before the activation of the bathyscaphes: one of the three buttons caught fire on the case
 "Let's hurry!" – shouted Isaac, throwing out the "raw materials", like rag dolls.
In the third bathyscaphe, there were seven more.
 "The reinforcements are close," Zacharias reported. – Two minutes from the "Bastet."
 – We will succeed! – Oytush responded.
 "It's done." Proton City laid out the last one asleep. – Climb faster!

Oytush squeezed Karen's shoulder:
 – You're the first.
 "No, I'm with you," objected the girl.
 – Enough here to smear the snot! – grumbled Isaac. – Sitis, Zahri, well, quickly inside!
The boys obeyed and began to climb into the bathyscaphe. Piknula and lit up the second of the buttons – before the dive, there are two minutes.

Suddenly, from the other side of the ship, Chang's cry was heard. Soon those who remained on the deck realized what was the matter: one of the criminals (or psychiatric ones?) Was swooping on them, waving something sharp and bloodied.
 "He's awakened!" Gravano said, snatching out her knife.
 "Stop, Karen!" Shouted Oitush, throwing her against him. That's because he always climbs on the embrasure.

A man with foam at his mouth and distraught eyes, fled, not analyzing the road. Oytush managed to shoot before he hooked Karen. The bullet hit him right in the chest, but he continued to run, only slightly slowing down.

At that moment, glittering in the sun, armor flashed past their heads. It was Isaac. Like a huge flea he overcame a distance of a dozen meters in a fraction of a second and, swinging his sword, heavily lowered him to the enemy. "Raw" fell on the deck, falling apart into two neat halves.

– Watch and learn, Oytush, "Karen smiled. "You'll have plenty of time."
Oytush did not immediately understand what was happening. And only after a whole glass of blood emerged from his mouth, he noticed a thick metal pin stuck deep in her stomach.

– No, Karen, – Oyushush grabbed the free end and tried to pull it to myself. The girl screamed in pain.
And helicopters already circled above their heads: another second, and they will open fire on uninvited guests of "Bastet."
 – Karen, – Oyushush felt that he was suffocating, – Well, how? ..
 "I …" began the girl, but Oytush did not hear the end. Isaac grabbed him in an armful and threw him into a free bathyscaphe.
 "Do not you dare do stupid things," he ordered and closed the hatch.

"What the devil ?!" – Oyushush shouted, but at that moment something twitched over the hull of the drone. Helicopters opened fire.
Karen knelt down, releasing another blood stream from her mouth. Isaac tried to pick it up, but the girl's wound was fatal.
 "Thanks for the service," the cyborg said, awarding Karen Gravano a long, full of respect and pain. And the next second, with all his might, threw her over the side. – You will not get it.

Oyushusha was choked with tears. Through the thickness of the water, he saw the girl's body tremble under the hail of shells, as the ocean is painted with her blood, and the piranhas are already circling nearby, anticipating a feast.
Isaac did everything right: the protectorate should not have gotten even their dead bodies, but still see how his beloved – and Oytush managed to love Karen all heart – slowly goes to the bottom, it was unbearable.

** *

The way to the top seemed endless. Thomas was dragging Sati in her arms, which just recently saved his life, covering her body. When he, a healthy man, lost consciousness, hitting the stone. Thomas was ashamed, but even more – scary, because the wounds of Satie did not hurry to drag out. And she herself was in a semi-delirious state; If this goes on, thought Tom, in about twenty minutes he will lose it.
 "Sati," he called once more, "Do you hear me?

He himself was in perfect order. The shot passed along the tangent, ripping only the shirt and leaving an abrasion. But Satie … Thomas tried not to look at her body, which these bastards literally were stuffed with lead. Well, nothing, now they will run along the beach until they fall dead: for he ordered them to stop the persecution. The voice of Roland Gracie.

– Oitush? – Suddenly started Sati.
 – No, I'm this, Thomas, – the guy frowned.
 "Tom," Satie smiled. Her teeth were in blood.
 "Do you remember that I owe you something?" – he asked. There was only one flight of stairs, only one. – Desire.
Sati croaked, and he continued, swallowing a lump in his throat:
 "Do not you dare die, okay?"

Thomas tumbled into the apartment and neatly laid the girl on the bed. I took off her irretrievably ruined dress and almost cried: Sati's body had at least twenty gunshot wounds.
 "My talent, Tom … It does not work." Why? – Sati looked directly at him, but her gaze was not meaningful.
 "Only you control her, you and no one else," Thomas wet the rag and began to diligently wash the blood off her face. "Remember what you fought for all this time."
 "For revenge," Satie croaked. Her lips swiftly turned blue due to the collapse of the lung.
 "No," Thomas shook his head. – You're not like that.
 "Then … for the sake of it?" – she did not finish.
 – For the sake of love.

Sati's breathing became frequent and superficial. Unable to watch her die, Thomas closed his eyes. It would be better if he died on this beach.
Suddenly Saty's skin began to smoke. So the steam rises from the pot with boiling water. And a few seconds later Sati's body became so hot that Thomas could not stand touching him.

– Keep it up, – he whispered, when pieces of lead one by one began to fall to the floor, leaving the wound channels. "Well done, Sati.


An hour later, her body was completely restored, and the girl fell asleep to herself in a sound sleep. Thomas decided to give her a little time, which they were catastrophically not. He took a shower, processed his abrasions, drank strong coffee and only then began to wake his guest.
 "Satie," he called, shaking her shoulder gently.

The girl sat up on her elbows and immediately noticed that she was no longer wearing clothes.
 "Your dress was spoiled, I had to take it off," Thomas said, not looking at her. "Put this on."
Sati blushed deeply, realizing that he had seen her naked. But this was by no means the worst.

– How much time do you think we have? She said, changing into one of Thomas's clean shirts.
 "A couple of hours." Either all six until the morning, "Thomas answered thoughtfully. – Search for us will be in any case.
 "The guys feel sorry for me," Sati shook her head, remembering her friends, who were probably dying now without hind legs in their small compartments. "They do not suspect anything."

Thomas got up and went to the window.
 "From here the glider looks like real," he said. And indeed: the gray bulk was again on the dock, even the body gleamed in the light of the moon.
 "It's a hologram, right?" Asked Sati.
 – As it appears. Now it does not matter anymore. Tom turned away from the window. "I propose to do this: send a message to the Metropol while we are still alive." Let them know what we know.

Saty nodded.
 – What should I do?
 "You use me as a transmitter." Thomas set the chair opposite the window and drew the curtains tightly, so that the moonlight did not dare enter the room. – To simplify my search, concentrate on Oitush.
 – It's like?
 – Think of it continuously, imagine it as if it were near. Every emotion, every dash on his face, – Thomas did not look at her. – When I see this impression in your mind, it will not be difficult to find it.

– Have you already done this? – asked Saty, noticing the photo of the girl on the desk.
 "Yes, a few weeks ago," Thomas took the picture of Maggie into the drawer. "Sit next to me and put your hand on my shoulder." And try to behave very quietly.

Sati did everything as he ordered. It was hard to concentrate on Oyushusha when her hand touched the broad and strong shoulder of Thomas, the man to whom she had definitely become attached for the time on the Island.
Therefore, it was not surprising that when Saty closed her eyes, the face of Thomas Calvin-Smith appeared in front of her inner gaze. A slightly mocking smile, attentive eyes and disheveled blond hair.
 "Oytush, Satie," Tom reminded her with a grin.
Sati shook her head and started all over again. Two minutes later, the "cast", as Thomas called it, was ready.

– I found it, – said the guy in a few minutes. "But he's not in the Metropole anymore."
 – I.e? – Sati shifted in her chair.
 "It's impossible, but …" Thomas hesitated. "He sails to us on the Island."
 "Can I talk to him?"
 – Yes, but his mood is very unstable now. He seems to experience a great loss.
"Loss? How much did it all happen? "Thought Sati.

She was very worried. Is that the same Oitush Avery, whom she knew for many years, or are they now strangers to each other people?
 "Call him," Thomas said. – Call him by his name.

Oyushush thought he was crazy when a familiar voice sounded in his head. Besides him, there was not a soul in the drone. Only a sharp pain from the loss of Karen, which did not let me calm down for a minute.
Zechariah and Citis sailed a couple of minutes before him, Isaac, probably later, but nothing was known about the fate of Chang and Fai. Perhaps they were killed by that same psycho, or shot reinforcements from helicopters. The operation went awry, before it even started.

"Oitush!" – he again heard. It was as if Sati was standing behind him and calling him.
Is this some kind of hallucination caused by high pressure?
"Oyushush, do you hear me?"
It seems that all the same no …
 – Sati ?! – Oyushush immediately gathered. He would have jumped to his feet if the space of the bathyscaphe allowed.
"I'm on the Island, Oitush. We communicate by telepathy. "
 – Telepathy? – he asked, but quickly decided not to waste time on unnecessary questions. – Are you okay?
"Yes. It's only here that terrible things happen. President Gracie is preparing new animatos for sending to Metropol. He kills the gifted. And yet, the Island … it's under the water, Oitush! "

– Yes, I know this.
" From where? "
 "I'm not fooling around here either," Oytush began to get angry for nothing. – I'm now in resistance.
"Are you okay?" – Sati's voice was disturbed.
 "I'm alive, if that's what you're talking about." But he lost a loved one about an hour ago, "Oytush answered, not realizing the meaning of his words to the end.

Sati's heart contracted painfully: he was not telling something.
 "We'll be right behind you." I and the resistance soldiers. "Oytush tried to pull himself together and stop thinking about Karen. "We'll get you out, understand, petty?"

Satie opened her eyes. Thomas's lips moved, only words did not belong to him. Now he was like a conductor, a transponder between two interlocutors. And, to tell you the truth, this was given to him with great difficulty every second.

Thomas did not show his mind, but for some two minutes he had to go through the skin of Oitush, to let through all his horror and pain, Poison him with poison, and still make sure that Saty does not know anything about it.
Never before had Thomas felt such a strong connection to someone. He saw the last memories of Oitush: a psycho with foam at the mouth and the eye of a red-haired girl, in which death was imprinted.

Feeling of guilt tormented him with red-hot tongs, alien, wild, unquenchable. Tom always considered himself to be a reserved person, whereas Oytush was a hurricane that destroyed his calmness to the ground.
 "Satie, I can not keep in touch," Thomas said when the tension became unbearable. – I'm losing it.
A drop of blood leaked from Thomas's nose. He got up from the table and, just before reaching the bed, collapsed on it unconscious.

Sati covered him with a blanket and sat down beside her. It would be better for her to turn off just like an electric appliance with a dead battery. Oyushush said that she and the soldiers of resistance would drag her out of here. And what about the rest? What will happen to Thomas, Eurydice and others? The questions had no answers, and she could only wait.
Fortunately, it did not take long to wait.

Sati woke up at the door bell. Through the tightly drawn curtains light broke: on the Island, wherever it was, it was morning. Not real, but modeled as skillfully as a glider, like a beach, like the sun and the moon.
Thomas peacefully snuffed nearby. Звонок повторился, но этот громкий и неожиданный звук не смог разбудить его.
Сати взяла первое, что попалось ей под руку: нож для бумаги, который валялся на письменном столе. Не встречать же своих палачей совсем безоружной. Не дождавшись, пока позвонят в третий раз, она медленно открыла входную дверь.

На пороге стояла Дана Хатт.

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