The MGB Body fat scale is a comparative "clinical" test in the Central Railway Bureau of Russian Railways

The first material on the scales revealed two problems: first, it became obvious that bioimpedanceometry does not all seem to be an objective diagnostic method; Second, distrust is caused precisely by the scales as a household device.

If we can not fight with the first thesis, then the reliability of the scales of the analyzer scales can be confirmed or disproved quite easily, for which we were not too lazy to get to the clinic and undergo a similar analysis on the body composition in Medical office. We offer a look at the results.

The main task that we set for ourselves can be formulated as follows: checking the quality of the goods. In our opinion, it consisted in comparing the results of a medical device with a household appliance by the main overlapping parameters. In general, simply put: whether or not the results will coincide.


Bioimpedance analysis is performed a lot where it is a simple process, however, unfortunately, it has happened that for Semashka's family railway family – the family hospital With a high credit of trust, which determined the place.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service is from 1000 – 1200 to 1600 rubles per procedure. In other words, it can pay off with scales-analyzers for two approaches.

Does the procedure in the clinic prescribe?

Yes. From a short conversation in the office, I learned that bioimpedance is still being done by doctors and based on the results of patients being treated. Of course, this is only part of the overall diagnosis, but nevertheless. The basic requests for analysis come from cardiology and endocrinology, which, incidentally, is also logical.

Practically, according to the medical worker, in terms of speed, safety and informativity, it is a non-alternative study of the composition of the body.

How does

: A person lays down on the couch (a fine hospital word), electrodes are connected to him, and a minute later they give the printed results. The analysis, as it turned out, must be prepared: it is recommended not to drink during two hours, not to drink alcohol for a day.


From contraindications, As already mentioned, pregnancy, the presence of metal inside the body.

On what do

Bioimpedansometr some amount is typed, however the most popular is "MEDASS", on it and


The results are packed in several sheets, where there is a sign , And the text part: who is interested to get acquainted with our colleague – "medical secret" in the PDF.


The scales rose immediately from the hospital bed to compare them under the most similar conditions. Here are the key indicators (the key should be understood conditionally, because such scales-analyzers in the main mass are interested in users because of fat-muscle-water).

Fatty mass in% 19.5 21.4
Fatty mass in kg 12.5 13.6
Muscle mass 27.2 28.5
Exchange of substances 1555 kcal / day 1348 Kcal / day
The mineral composition 2,652 kg 2.5 kg

With the level of hydration, there were some problems, because they are in different units: in the application of weights – they are in percent (57), in analysis in kg (37.7). Plus, there are two indicators in the report: total water and extracellular fluid. Do you need to add these values ​​- immediately not clear.

In any case, if the percentages are calculated from the total weight, then 37.7 this, out of 63 kg of total weight, probably is slightly more than 50%.

As you can see, the indicators, although not the same, did not differ radically: there is no such, for example, that one source shows 10 percent, and another 40, etc., that is, general trends with Using the scales can be tracked: all within the same numbers, without going beyond the limits of the norm.

From the boundary values ​​- muscle mass, or skeletal muscle mass: according to "MEDASS" the subject passes through the lower limit of the norm. According to the weights, it seems to be the same, but with some skewing in plus:

In this case, in absolute figures, the values ​​are almost equal: the difference in one (27.2 – 28.5) .

Separately all the same it is necessary to add once again about convenience of transportation. The MGB scales are small and compact, easily fit into a normal city backpack, not heavily burdening the carrier, and at the same time places for ordinary things (purse, laptop with charging), etc. are still enough.

In summary. At least (as it seems to us), with part of the task: we checked to see if it was a set of random numbers or not, and the results seem to be positive. About what norms should be striven for and why scales-analyzers are needed, we wrote here.

The MGB smart scales can be bought on the Medgadgets website: the cost of a couple of campaigns for bioimpedance measurement in a polyclinic.

Do you need this? We do not know, but if you have a pacemaker or you are a pregnant woman, then do not.

Take care of yourself.

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