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The exhibition of security technologies MIPS / Securika 2017 is over, and it's time to sum up its results for those who could not attend personally. Today we will briefly talk about the most important: the most discussed trends in the field of video surveillance and the most interesting and unusual that we saw at the exhibition.

Let us also show our developments – there are several novelties that were not discussed before.

The most interesting

The most interesting thing about MIPS is the break-in of technologies. They do not just come here with an idea, do not ask for investments based on a prototype – we need already working technology. Therefore, the exhibition does not have "this has never been seen before", but there are many solutions ready for implementation here and now.

This year there are 2 trends: automation of systems and implementation of video analytics.

Automation concerns buildings, transport, access control systems and security and fire systems. This trend is developed within the framework of the IoT concept and is presented:

• sets of devices for smart houses: temperature, humidity, air pollution sensors, video surveillance cameras
• Intelligent transport control systems: GPS / GLONASS trackers, gasoline flow sensors, cameras;
• automated access control systems, doorphones and barriers,
• automated fire alarm and smoke and gas sensors. 19459004 19459003 19459011 The left photo from one of the open-air presentations, on the right – pictures from the booth at the MIPS

Robot "Tral Patrol 4.0" replaces the guards in the closed territories. The wheeled robot moves around the object without the operator's participation, stopping at predetermined, optimal points of the route, it is possible to identify a person at a distance of up to 120 meters, and at a distance of up to 60 meters to recognize the face.

If a human figure is recognized on the detailed image of the rotary camera, the robot sends an alarm to the guard post, where the guard decides: to reset the alarm, to turn on the siren or stroboscope on the robot, or personally to proceed to the penetration site and deal with The violator.

When using several robots on one object, their mutual movement is synchronized so that at any time under the video surveillance there is as much as possible the area of ​​the protected object. Operating time without recharging 12 hours at a maximum speed of 15 km / h

Multisensory system of long-range observation. Detection range up to 1100 meters. In addition to the camera itself, there is also a thermal imager. The system rotates both vertically and horizontally. In addition, it can be equipped with a zoom lens – a zoom lens (with a variable focal length).

Explosion-proof stainless steel chambers with glass heating and other specialized chambers for work in hazardous areas.

PanoVu 360 ° camera with hardware image stitching from Hikvision.

Chambers intimidating intruders with one of their kind.

Test stands demonstrating the interaction of video surveillance systems and transport infrastructure.

The catching view of advertising, where without it

Colleagues from China showed a miracle flashlight – not just a light source , But also a "security tool". At the exhibition, Chinese companies occupied about 25% of the territory. We brought a variety of equipment, including everything you need to create your own brand of CCTV cameras from the stage of creating a chip in the factory. Lack of knowledge in the field of the Russian language did not bother anyone – to help will always come translate.google.com.

The Israeli startup Tarantula Technologies brought the Hunter 1. This is a warning system that prevents the placement of explosive devices under vehicles, providing protection under the body by 360 °. Ziko – portable / stationary warning systems to ensure the safety of open spaces, with a wide coverage of up to 10 000 (horizontal) / 5 800 (vertical) square meters.

And detection of employees.

Two ways to see in the dark – a thermal imager and a laser camera with a range of up to 5 km.

Copters and protection against drones

The sphere of security and video surveillance includes drones. We saw them from Hikvision and Dahua. Top photo – drone Dahua. A camera 4K or a thermal imager is attached to the copter.

The drone "Hawk" from Hikvision: the speed of flight is 80 km / h, the radius of action is 10 km, continuous flight up to 33 minutes. At the end of 2016 Hikvision began to actively develop the direction of drones and showed a whole series of flying vehicles, including even hexokopters. Dahua, for example, has so far only one model.

They showed a gun for "killing" drones. The device is capable of forcibly planting a drone operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Drones can not only control the territory, but also spy. There are companies specializing in protection from the entire flying.

Stopdron is a complex for detecting and neutralizing drones with a range of up to a kilometer.

Most Discussed

Most of the reports of the conference "The Possibilities of Cloud Technologies and the Internet of Things for Business", one of the moderators of which was made by Ivideon CEO Andrey Yudnikov, were devoted to the development of smart houses , Building automation, video analytics as an effective tool for retail, restaurant business and the security sector in general.

According to the estimates of the Berg Insight research group, the IoT market volume grows to $ 19 trillion by 2025, of which $ 14.4 trillion in the private sector. The main contribution to growth will be provided by transport, industry, healthcare and the consumer sector

We talked about our own products for business and the trends in developing cloud solutions (and in particular video surveillance) in the world and in Russia. Links to presentations and video presentations by other participants will soon appear on the MIPS 2017 website. Ivideon's speech can be heard below.

In addition to the video surveillance service itself, we showed other solutions for business:

• video surveillance on moving objects;
• affiliate programs for installers, integrators, distributors, telecom operators (project with Megafon) and service providers;
• Ivideon Enterprise Cloud;
• video surveillance under your brand – Ivideon White Label;
• MIMO antennas for signal amplification: allow to organize video surveillance where there is no steady signal, but at a distance of 20 km there is a base station;
• Open API and mobile SDK;
• visitor counting and queue control;
• integration with cash systems;
• service updates: remote camera setup, camera grouping, mobile layouts, camera tethering via mobile applications, release on Windows 10 Mobile, support for Axis cameras.

This list has not yet been told only about video surveillance for transport and Ivideon Enterprise Cloud. The latter service allows you to store data on your own server / data center – build "your own Ivideon" in your own way, as you want. Novelties are interesting and we will write about them separately.

If you did not have time to ask your question to our managers at the stand, call 8 800 555 42 97 or write – we will discuss everything that interests you.

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