The most luxurious cruise liners in the world


TOP-10: The most luxurious cruise liners in the world

Cruise liners are designed for recreation. For an expensive and quality stay. It is not just a vehicle that delivers you from point one to point two. This vessel, combining a large number of diverse objects that help to relax on the road. Bars, gyms, swimming pools, chic rooms, restaurants, discotheques and many other things can offer modern cruise ships.

The ten most luxurious cruise liners will be discussed in this article.

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Silversea Silver Shadow

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<p> Silver Shadow is the most luxurious cruise ship available to Silversea Cruises, launched in 2000 and the time is right Compans </p>
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Seabourn Cruise Line: Seabourn Sojourn

 Seabourn Sojourn. The most luxurious cruise liners "Seabourn Sojourn" is a cruise liner owned by Seabourn Cruise. 2010, the length of this vessel is about 198 m .. The owner company claims that this is the best cruise liner in the world.Do not know this or not, people like to travel on this ship. </p>
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Crystal Cruise: Crystal Symphony

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<p> Crystal Symphony is the most famous and luxurious cruise liner of Crystal Cruises Lines, it was built in Finland in 1995 and has already visited many places and countries of the world, including the Panama Canal, New Zealand, New York, Ukraine , Qatar, Italy, Maryland and others </p>
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Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Seven Seas Navigator

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<p> The most luxurious cruise liner operated by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. It was launched in 1999. Each room in this liner is perfectly decorated, they all have marble bathrooms, wide windows with ocean views and spacious living rooms. He has the impression that he is not in the ship's room, but in luxurious and spacious apartments. </p>
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Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Seven Seas Mariner

 Seven Seas Mariner "Seven Seas Mariner" is another luxury cruise liner from the company Regent Seven Seas Cruises. All the liner numbers are also perfectly decorated and equipped. This cruise liner has four gourmet restaurants with an outdoor seating area. </p>
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Regent Seven Seas Cruise: Seven Seas Voyager

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<p> Seven Seas Voyager is even the best luxury cruise A vessel under the control of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The liner was put into operation in 2003. Its main feature is that almost every room has a balcony. </p>
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The most fascinating ship is Paul Gauguin, which is run by the eponymous company .It is the smallest liner among the most luxurious .It is of great importance for the company, t .K. is capable of mooring lines In small ports where larger ships can not enter.

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<p> The liner is able to take on board 332 passengers and provide them with a high-quality rest. 70 percent of the liner rooms are equipped with their own balconies, the rooms are equipped with chic bathrooms with Jacuzzi. People who want to get maximum impressions on vacation can order for a cruise of their own butler, who will help the holidaymaker around the clock. </p>
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Sea Dream Yacht Club: Sea Dream 1

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<p> Sea Dream 1 is another small but luxurious cruise liner currently operated by the Sea Dream Yacht Club, and is also called the Sea Goddess, because since 1984 it has been pleasing travelers with their services. On the territory of hookers And there is a casino, a piano bar, a pool bar, a library. </p>
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Crystal Cruises: Crystal Serenity

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<p> Crystal Serenity is currently managed by Crystal Cruises, which combines all the most modern and luxurious in terms of delivering maximum comfort and only positive emotions to its visitors.The luxury lies here even in the simplest details. And are equipped with a heated floor, decorated with Italian marble mosaic. </p>
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