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In July in the club of companies with an estimate of more than 1 billion dollars a newcomer appeared – Desktop Metal. The company's product is a complex of additive production from metal. The team of MIT professors, three years of work, the production cost is multiply lower, the printing is ten times faster than existing machines without special requirements for equipment of the premises where equipment will work. Production of more than two hundred different metals, including aluminum, bronze and titanium.
The cost of the entire additive production system with cloud software is $ 120K. Close-by-functional 3D printers that operate in NASA and Boeing cost about $ 1M and require special production facilities for work.
Desktop Metal is one of the few advanced manufacturing unicorns today, which will be significantly larger given the exponential diffusion of production technologies.

Corporate venture funds such as GE Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Google Ventures and others have invested in the company. The interest of the market is connected with the fact that the product of investments is in demand for solving the production problems of the corporations that created these venture funds.
One way to develop global manufacturing corporations today is to invest in projects that make business investors more efficient, productive, and digital. Startups in the advanced manufacturing segment received more than $ 3.5 billion in investments in 2016.

Meta with the augmented reality headset project began with crowdfinding in 2013, collecting $ 190K. For today, the total funding attracted by the company is $ 83.3M from Lenovo Group, Tencent Holdings and others.

Clearpath Robotics has grown from the interest of four university friends to robotics with the launch in 2008. The product is a stand-alone trolley for moving goods inside the shops of enterprises. Today the company has received funding from corporate venture capital funds GE Ventures, Caterpillar Ventures and others with a total value of $ 40.8M. In 2012, the predecessor of Kiva Systems Inc. Amazon was purchased for $ 775M and now it is a division of Amazon Robotics.

A new generation of high-priced fast-growing companies is no longer dot-com bubbles. These projects define and form a new technological order. Demand for the products of these companies is driven by the needs of machine builders and large producers. For the expectations are the goals of global corporations to reduce costs, accelerate the withdrawal of products to the market, optimize the quality of products. The most efficient and minimal loss is to integrate disruptive technologies into their measured production cycles. The big ones solve their problems with the help of fast ones.

Two years the start-up Desktop Metal developed in stealth mode. Invisible at the right time, in the right place with the right partners, quickly become unicorns.

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