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In February of this year, a man was arrested at a British airport suspected of carrying out a large number of powerful DDoS attacks on the networks of many organizations. Among the victims – the French hosting provider OVN and the company Dyn, which provides the network infrastructure of companies and services such as Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, Spotify and Netflix. The botnet also attacked the equipment and services of Deutsche Telekom, Eircom, TalkTalk, UK Postal Office and KCOM.

The detainee's guilt was tried to prove guilty for several months. The police gradually unwound the ball, received new information and, in the end, received the confession of the arrested person himself. In February, his name was not reported, but now it became known that his name is Daniel Caye. He is 29 years old, a British citizen. As already reported, it was he who controlled the modified version of Mirai, which was able to attack the routers through the 7547 port, working for this purpose with the protocols TR-064 and TR-069.

After the arrest, the attacker was extradited to Germany. Here, a few days ago, he confessed to what he had done, saying, however, that he was not going to stop the work of the Deutsche Telekom provider, but only wanted to strengthen his botnet by putting into operation the infected routers of the company. In the course of this attack, something went wrong and thousands of network devices began to shut down. This was the reason for Internet blackbats in Germany and other countries. Naturally, large-scale disconnections of the network infrastructure of entire countries caused huge losses for a number of companies.

"Myslikarta", which Krebs used during his own investigation

] The cybercriminal said that he worked not only on his own, pursuing his own goals, but also carried out orders of third-party companies, for example, a Liberian Internet provider who wanted to somehow influence the competitors in a negative way. For executing the order, the management of the organization paid the attacker $ 10,000.

It should be noted that the arrest of the offender has considerable merit Brian Krebs (Brian Krebs), a specialist in network security. By the way, he was one of the first to suffer from the actions of the botnet Mirai – his blog did not work for a while.

The German court found the perpetrator guilty of many counts, but gave only a suspended sentence, without imprisoning him. It is interesting that Kaye is not only a botnet operator who at one time deftly intercepted management by taking it into his own hands, but also author of the GovRAT software platform, which allows users to perform rather complex tasks in the implementation of various financial, state, military organizations, Stealing means and information. At the moment it is known that this software was "lit up" in 100 cases of cyber attacks.

Fragment of the page by Daniel Caye from Facebook

Perhaps the court took into account the fact that the young cyber criminals completely repented, having told that everything His actions were a huge mistake that he would like to correct and would never want to repeat. He also said that he committed crimes in order to earn money for living with his girlfriend, with whom he linked life. The probationary period did not end up being too long – just a year and eight months.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Kaye received such a soft sentence in Germany, he could still face a real prison sentence in the UK, where in His attitude is still being investigated. And the authorities have already requested the extradition of the criminal.

Brian Krebs says in his article that so far none of the cybercriminals involved in the creation of the Mirai botnet or its management has been severely punished. The software platform itself, which allowed to infect Iot devices, and which was the beginning of the whole chain of hacking and DDoS attacks, was developed by the programmer Paras Jha. The person of this person, hiding under the name of Anna Sepai, also revealed Brian Krebs. He himself already twice became a victim of DDoS attacks of the botnet Mirai. He quickly got fed up with this, and the journalist started his own investigation. Probably, it was not worthwhile to try to "punish" Krebs with malefactors, in the end they dug themselves a hole for themselves. True, the pit turned out to be not so deep.

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