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OSAGO is a mandatory liability insurance system designed to act as a guarantor for the protection of property and health of road users. The key difference between OSAGO and CASCO is the focus of the insurance policy on health and transport of third parties, and not on its own, as in the case of CASCO, which, moreover, is carried out on a voluntary basis.

Companies operating under the OSAGO standard , The insurance market is huge. A large number of such organizations have an extremely short lifespan – they appear, bear losses, are bankrupt and disappear, and the responsibility to clients, in the event of an insured event, often remains outstanding.

That you are not burned by cooperation with unscrupulous insurers, we have prepared for you the rating of insurance companies OSAGO, which you can trust unconditionally. This selection will be useful to everyone – from experienced drivers who have an insurance policy to beginners who are just planning to purchase the first car.

Principles for compiling the insurer's rating of motor third party liability insurance

The first thing you need to remember, This is what you can only cooperate with insurance companies that are members of the Russian Association of Auto Insurers (RSA). This is one of the basic guarantees that the organization is not a sharashka office. It can be checked on the official website of the RSA, where there are lists that indicate members of the association, as well as selections of companies that have left or are excluded from the SAR, so they are not entitled to full-fledged insurance.

Select from member companies SAR best profile research of rating agencies (RA) allows. These are private organizations that, based on their own methods, annually compile ratings on the reliability of insurance companies. Interestingly, the request to assess their own activities comes from the insurers themselves – it's a paid service, and for the analysis it takes a huge amount of financial documents that the rating agency can only get at the will of the SC.

The insurance company, evaluated by the rating agency, receives a certain reliability class. It testifies to the extent to which the organization is able to fulfill insurance obligations to clients and cover its financial expenses arising in the course of activities. The reliability class is a serious indicator that should be trusted, it is taken into account even by state institutions in the process of accreditation and regulation of SC activities.

The most authoritative rating agency of Russia is Expert RA, the materials of which we will use in this Article. The rating scale for this agency consists of 4 levels:

  • Class "A" – high reliability;
  • Class "B" – medium reliability;
  • Class "C" – low reliability;
  • Class "D" – the potential for technical default;
  • Class "E" – issued to companies that have recognized their bankruptcy, lost their license for the right to insurance activities or liquidated organizations.

In the direction of the organizations that have been assigned classes E and D, one should not even look – cooperation with them will not bring anything good. The most interesting are insurers with reliability class A, B and, with a stretch, C. Each of these classes is divided into 2 grades, with one or two pluses that indicate the position of the insurer in its segment.

For example :

  • "A ++" is the highest (exclusive rating) reliability that only SC can get, "A +" – very high reliability rating
  • "B ++" – acceptable, "B +" – sufficient, "B" – satisfactory reliability
  • "C ++" – low, "C +" – very low, "C" – unsatisfactory (pre-default) reliability.

The rating agency Expert RA analyzes the activities of the insurance company and issues a certificate of receipt of a certain reliability class that remains valid for one calendar year.

However, when examining ratings from expert agencies, it is worth considering , That the level of reliability of SCs in them is determined through an analysis of the financial stability of the company, that is, based on how stable the long-term period the insurer fulfills all its financial obligations. But this does not say anything about the quality of his services and the approach to cooperation with clients.

In order to have full information, along with official ratings it makes sense to study customer feedback about the insurance Company. Therefore, we have separately prepared for you a user rating of insurance companies 2017 OSAGO, which was able to do analysis of many specialized forums and Internet resources.

Reliability rating "Expert RA"

According to the press releases of the rating agency " Expert RA ", at the beginning of 2017 the reliability class" A ++ "(exceptionally high reliability) was assigned to the following insurance companies:

  1. " AlfaStrakhovanie ". This is the largest domestic insurer, providing its services since 1992. In addition to OSAGO, the company has licenses for more than 100 types of insurance activities. The company received accreditation from all the largest Russian banks, and according to the results of an independent study from the newspaper Kommersant, it ranks first in the quality of customer service. For its reliability, the Cologne and Munich reinsurance companies are responsible, and the "A ++" reliability class issued by the domestic agency "Expert RA" is confirmed by the authoritative international organization "Fitch Raitings". In addition to the central office in Moscow, the AlfaStrakhovanie branches are located in all major cities, in addition, the compulsory MTPL policy can be issued online at the insurer's website.
  2. " VSK " (All-Russian Insurance Company). The company received the reliability class "A ++" in the distant 2001, and keeps it up to now. "VSK" provides insurance services not only to private individuals, but also to state agencies, it is a federal reinsurer of the Azerbaijan Republic, and on payments of OSAGO takes the second place in the country after VTB, which already speaks volumes.
  3. " Ingosstrakh ". Founded in the distant 1947, the company today is the leader of the insurance market in Russia in terms of insurance payments. The firm has an excellent business reputation, which is confirmed by the recently received "Five Years Insurance Company" award at the independent contest "Financial Elite of the Russian Federation", and in the overwhelming majority of cases it receives positive feedback from customers.
  4. " Renaissance Insurance ". Renaissance Group holds leading positions in the field of automobile insurance, it cooperates not only with private and legal entities, but also with the largest automobile dealers in Russia. The company received the reliability rating "A ++" in 2010 and since then its positions have never decreased. The only drawback – a small number of offices, a total of 85 offices in different cities, in small settlements "Renaissance", as a rule, is not represented.
  5. " RESO-Garantia ". The company has been operating since 1991 and has over 800 offices in different parts of Russia, the A ++ rating has been assigned to the firm since 2007. Among the reinsurers of the firm are international syndicates Lloyd's, Hannover Re and SCOR. As of 2015, the company ranks third in terms of insurance premiums.

The above are the most popular motor insurance brands of motor third party liability insurance companies, except for them the following companies retain the A ++ rating:

  • "Alliance"
  • MAKS
  • RosGosStrakh;
  • SOGAZ,
  • "Consent";
  • UralSIB;
  • Energogarant.

Rating "A +" (high reliability) according to the classification "Expert" is assigned to such insurers:

  • "Helios"
  • "Zurich"
  • "MSC"
  • "JASO"
  • "Guta Insurance";
  • Surgutneftegaz;
  • Liberty Insurance.

Any of these companies can be considered for acquiring the MTPL policy without fear of tomorrow. These are large organizations that have earned a good reputation and are doing everything to confirm it in practice.

Also useful for reviewing will be the rating of insurance companies on payments made upon the occurrence of an insured event. In it, the firms are located in the following sequence:

  1. Rossgosstrakh – the volume of payments for 2016 is 83 435 839 thousand rubles.
  2. SOGAZ – 63,913,169 thousand rubles.
  3. Ingosstrakh – 41,192,947 thousand rubles.
  4. RESO-Garantiya – 40,167,654 thousand rubles.
  5. Alfa Insurance – 27,930,673 thousand rubles.
  6. "Consent" – 23 613 700 thousand rubles.
  7. VTB Insurance – 15,888,150 thousand rubles.
  8. "Alliance" – 14 757 499 thousand rubles.
  9. Renaissance Insurance – 13,032,376 thousand rubles.
  10. Uralsib – 12,029,059 thousand rubles.

This rating list was compiled on the basis of the financial statements filed by insurers with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in 2017

Rating of insurance companies compulsory third party liability insurance

A survey of consumers of insurance companies was conducted at the end of last year on the Internet resource IC-Ratings, whose visitors determined the next rating of insurance companies in 2016.

  1. AlfaStrakhovanie
  2. Aviva.
  3. The Alliance.
  4. VTB Insurance.
  5. "Guta Insurance."
  6. Ingosstrakh
  7. ERGO Rus.
  8. "Megaruss-D."
  9. "National Insurance Group".
  10. Renaissance Insurance.

If you compare the official ratings of the agency "Expert RA" and the opinion of clients, it becomes obvious that according to their results the best reputation is enjoyed by the companies "Alfa Insurance" and "VSC ", Which we recommend for cooperation to all motorists. We hope that our rating of insurance companies 2017 OSAGO will be useful to you!

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