The rightholder of the trademark demands to close Buran.ru / SurprizingFacts

          Yes, Tatyana Lukashevich often skips when typing this office. Moreover, this LentaStranstviya – and publishing house, etc., as written on the very site of the storm? It seems that it was through this office that the whole scheme of monetizing the site was realized. Those. These two people obviously did something together. Then, as it happens, disagreed and that – now tryndets site that it? Understand there in their relations – divide apartments, cars and stools, why podgazhivat all the rest?

Recently, the rightholders Strugatsky appeared – remember, they wanted to cover the author's site? The public was indignant and people who had nothing to do with the Strugatsky's work at all, a little thought about it. Now here – with this site the garbage similar any. Yes, I climbed this site in 2003, when I have just got the Internet! The rhetorical question – where do people with the psyche come from destroying what is created by others simply because of "I so want"? What kind of paucity of intelligence is this)

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