The thieves of the new series of "The Game of Thrones" demanded a ransom from the HBO news channel

It was only a week after the news of the hacking of the network of the HBO channel by a group of unknown intruders. Then it became known that cybercriminals, having climbed into the internal network of the TV channel, stole scenarios of future series "Games of Thrones", whole episodes and scripts of other serials (including those that have not been released yet).

The total amount of stolen files was one and a half terabytes. This video, documentation, photos and much more. The crackers not only reported their success, but also backed up the application with a whole series of files uploaded to the torrent and file sharing. Most of them were marked with a watermark "HBO is Falling". Among other documents in the list of "plum" were the company's financial documents, e-mails, labor agreements, plans for the future.

Why all this was done? Now it is already clear – in order to receive money, that is, it is a question of banal extortion. The scheme is simple – attackers are paid, and they stop (well, or lie, that they stop) spread new files from the stolen massif. The amount of "ransom" in question is rather large. As far as we can judge, cybercriminals want to receive at least several million US dollars.

"The NWO spends 12 million on marketing research and 5 million on other types of research. Therefore, consider us as an additional article of advertising costs! ", Says the letter sent by the attackers to the management of the television company.

There were also letters. In most of them, companies tried to explain how bad it would be if it did not pay. "Leakage is your worst nightmare. Therefore, make a wise decision! ", Says another message.

Everything that happened can really be called a nightmare for the TV channel. After all, viewers watch new episodes of the "Game of Thrones" and other serials in the hope of learning something new. And if nothing new will happen, as the script and some series have leaked to the Internet, the series will be looked at by a much smaller number of people than if there were no leakage. Accordingly, the profit of the channel will be reduced.

Despite extortion, cybercriminals claim that they are not cybercriminals at all, but "white" hackers. Usually this term refers to information security specialists who study vulnerabilities in the protection of networks of various companies. Why did cybercriminals decide that they are "good" hackers – a mystery.

The crackers have not yet received any money, and the management of the channel is conducting a large-scale investigation of the incident, trying to understand how the company's network was hacked and how this can be avoided in the future.

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