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In Russia at the current moment of time, protected network services, the necessity of using which at first glance is not entirely obvious, become if, if not Standard de facto, then more and more in demand from users. This happens for a number of reasons, including, of course, almost five-year aggressive domestic state policy in relation to the regulation of the Internet space, as well as a worldwide trend towards security and the preservation of as much personal information as possible during network communications, so that intruders, Neither corporations nor state officials took advantage of them in their own interests without your knowledge.

The right to anonymity in the digital interaction is with each of us and is confirmed even on high areas ah the United Nations on a regular basis.

If we talk about the Russian government regulation of the Internet and IT, we can recall dozens of laws that have been adopted in recent years and all of them are extremely regressive, oppressive and burdensome for the Internet industry and the citizens of the character. Most of these laws make amendments to the federal law "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection" (149-FZ), as well as to other legal acts, for example, in the Code of Administrative Offenses, introducing administrative influence with the Internet "Unruly". At the moment, "disobedient", which can be punished with interlocks and fines, for the state are only those or other network services or IT companies: Web sites, software developers, communication operators, hosting companies, owners of online stores, etc. . The state has not yet reached the users. Well, if we leave behind the brackets "extremist" cases for posting and reposting a wide range of materials, which, according to Russian law enforcement agencies, can carry a threat to the security of the state or insult someone's feelings.

Undoubtedly, the next step of the Russian legislators, if they remain in the same repressive trend towards the Internet space, will concern the impact on citizens of the use of certain tools ("blockade bypass," "protection from surveillance "," Preservation of privacy ", etc.). Now we are legally coming to the point where we began to prohibit tools and services. That there is only one law – " about strict regulation of VPN and search systems". And in a year or two it is quite possible that they will punish users for their use on their devices while communicating on the Web.

But while we have not reached it yet, it's worthwhile once again to improve our Internet literacy (And, at the same time, your immediate environment) and start using network tools that not only allow you to restore access to information that for some reason in Russia has been blocked, directly or indirectly, at the same time, by IP address, it's rather their Good extra ōnusa. The main purpose of these services is to protect your communications from the risks of leaking private data to third parties: be they criminals, hackers, unreliable Internet companies or special services of different countries.

Along with the use of secure mail services and instant messengers (as well as self-generated encryption keys based on PGP), we recommend using the VPN. Of course, there are a large number of providers of such services, incl. There are also free ones. But it's not always obvious – how much these services actually keep your data safe and can they be trusted.

In order to increase mutual trust between users and the VPN services themselves, we launched a kind of "marketplace" of such secure services – vpnlove.me

At the moment we have selected 5 services that international and Russian digital human rights groups recommend to use:

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Among them there are no casual services and those who are connected with any state special services of any countries. And we expect that with time this choice will only increase.

Using trusted VPN services, you can not be afraid that your personal data will be stolen when you use public access points.
All the services recommended by us have already earned a reputation for reliable protection against spying and leaking personal data, and also help with easy recovery of access to blocked information. They are used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, as well as by "RosKomSvoboda."

The representatives of VPN-services can contact us to get to our selection.

At the same time, we request information from the providers of VPN services and analyze the results of the responses received.

Examples of questions that we send to the services:

‣ What is your jurisdiction?
‣ Where are the servers located? In which countries? And what is the total number?
‣ Do you have physical control over your servers?
‣ Do you store custom logs? If yes, which ones and how long?
‣ Do you have prioritization of traffic? For example, downgrade BitTorrent traffic?
‣ Do you have an SLA for data rate?
‣ What encryption protocols do you support?
‣ Is there support for SOCKS5?
‣ Do you use your own DNS servers?
‣ Do you have a Russian-language support?
‣ Can you provide a recommendation from someone from IT human rights activists, for example, participants in EFF, FFTF, AccessNow, FrontlineDefenders, TorProject, etc.?
‣ Are you ready to involve representatives of RosKomSvoboda as a third party in case of a conflict between the user who came from our portal and your service?
‣ What will be your actions if one of the former USSR countries sets conditions for transferring users' logs in exchange for the right to work in the territory of the country (otherwise the site and IP-addresses of the servers will be blocked)? Let these countries, for example, Russia and Ukraine.

It is important for us that in case of dispute, the service does not stand aside and shows a willingness to connect, incl. And us to resolve the situation. We are ready to act as a mediator in disputes. It is also important that user data and information on their communications do not reach third parties, whether public or private. And also the quality of the provided protected services and the established reputation of the service among the Internet audience and network activists. Another of the criteria that the service can positively characterize is the willingness to receive payments from users for its services in the crypto currency.

If you can offer us any other services in this collection or you are the representative of such a company, we are waiting for your suggestions: contact@vpnlove.me

And also offer what useful "features" "Would you like to see the VPN services? What do you miss when using similar services?

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