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Beauty is the main weapon of a woman capable of fomenting wars and inspiring men to accomplish great deeds. It does not depend on the place of residence and religion, because God created everyone on this planet beautiful and special.

We have prepared for you the rating of the 10 most beautiful Muslim women from different parts of the world, which are united not only by the outstanding appearance, But also worthy of respect for personal qualities.

These women belong to different professions, have a different outlook and a civil position, but all are attractive, strong, talented and intelligent. They are the most luxurious divas of the Muslim world, striking society with a combination of beauty and talent, aimed at achieving extraordinary goals that make this world a little better.

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Sheikha Manal (United Arab Emirates)

Sheikha Manal is a member of the ruling family of the Arab Emirates, known for her luxurious appearance and active political activity. Sheikh, who has two higher educations in the field of design and marketing, plays an important role in strengthening the positions of women in Muslim society. She fights for their rights in all social, cultural and economic spheres.

In addition, Sheikha Manal is fond of art, many of her own exhibitions and grants awarded to young Arabs artists. Shaykh is married to the son of the founder of the UAE and brings up two young children.

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Fahriy Evgen )

Fahriy is a beauty with an elegant appearance and one of the most talented actresses of Turkish cinema, which is often compared with the young Monica Bellucci. She became famous for her role in the series "Paying for Slavery", she was the person from the cover of the glossy magazine "VOGUE" and participated as a model in the shows of the world's leading designers.

But not The beauty of the one: Fahrie knows three foreign languages ​​- German, Spanish and English, and also devotes a lot of time to charity and patronizing several orphanages in Istanbul.

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Mahira Khan (Pakistan)

Mahira Khan is a young man A star from Pakistan, who, having appeared on the big screen in only 5 films, became one of the highest paid actresses in her country. You can admire her actor's play in the series "Soul Mate", which received positive reviews of critics in large part due to the penetrating and emotional role of Mahira.

At the beginning of 2017, the film "Richest" , In which the Pakistani beauty will play her first role in Bollywood. She is to portray a gangster girl who, with him, is hiding from persecution by a dangerous policeman.

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Mahra Al Maktoum (United Arab Emirates)

Mahra al Maktoum is the princess of Dubai, the wife of the richest Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum. Her appearance can be called a reference for Arab women – brown hair, tender almond skin, brown eyes and magnificent forms that the princess does not hesitate to demonstrate.

Mahra is an active user of social , On her constantly updated page in Faceebok you can find many photos and latest information from the life of an Arab beauty.

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Sarin Abdelnur (Lebanon)

Sarin won fame and universal recognition as a singer, at her The account has 3 studio albums, but soon the producers noticed the elegant appearance and artistry of the girl and called her to appear on television. In his 37 years, Sarin is considered the richest and most sought after movie star of Lebanon.

Unlike many Muslim women, Sarin prefers the European fashion and often appears in public in open, often provocative And sexual attire, thereby defying the traditional values ​​of the Arab world.

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Muna Abu Suleiman (Saudi Arabia)

Muna is a Native American who grew up and was educated in the United States, and moved to adulthood in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to her active civil and political activities, this beautiful woman was recognized as one of the most influential Muslim women in the world.

She fights for women's rights, promotes freedom of the media, establishes diplomatic Ties between East and West, and since 2007 is the UN Goodwill Ambassador. Also, Muna Suleiman is in demand on television, she is the co-host of the most popular Arabic talk show – Flattery.

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Zarina Khan (India)

Zarina is an actress and model with a chic, somewhat unconventional appearance for oriental women, which looks majestic and elegant at the same time. It is filmed on a big screen, is the face of many well-known brands, collaborates with leading fashion designers and engages in active charitable activities.

Almost all the films in which Zarina is filmed collect a huge revenue and will melt the most cash paintings Bollywood. The popularity of the actress is spreading rapidly outside of India and it is very likely that soon we will see her in the pictures of the leading Hollywood filmmakers.

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Nesreen Tafish (Palestine)

Nesreen Tafish is a talented Palestinian actress with huge, mesmerizing eyes that make her appearance unusually expressive. The future star was born in Aleppo and since the childhood she began to appear in commercials and to receive episodic roles in serials, and by the age of 20 she became one of the most recognizable faces of the Arab entertainment industry.

2011 and 2013 Nesrin was awarded the title of the most beautiful woman of Palestine, and every year she is getting better, just confirming this honorary title!

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Reham Khan (Paktistan)

Reham is a journalist, writer, TV presenter and simply luxurious female. She worked for a long time in America on the BBC, where she was leading the weather forecast, but in 2014 she returned home to Pakistan to marry the local politician Imran Khan who defends liberal views unconventional for Arabs.

Reham is known as a sincere worshiper of singing and dancing, as well as a huge chocolate lover. She loves to travel, knows 4 languages ​​and has two higher educations. Not as bad as for the beauty with the appearance of the model, is not it?

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Amira at- Tavil (Saudi Arabia)

Not so many noble princesses decided to exchange a rich carefree life for a career and political activity. Amir al-Tawil – one of them. She grew up in the family of the richest sheik of Saudi Arabia and married the prince, the son of the then king of the country, but after 10 years their marriage broke up. At the same time, the divorce initiated by the woman is unprecedented for the Arab world.

Now Amir is 33 years old, she has phenomenal beauty, and is the most influential Muslim woman of recent years . The Princess heads her own charitable foundation and works as an ambassador, solving the humanitarian and social problems of the Arab people. She visited more than 70 countries, acquired friendly relations with the British royal family (in particular, she opened a joint research center with Prince Philip) and did a lot of useful work to popularize the image of an Arab woman all over the world.

For such a rare combination of beauty , Intellect and spiritual kindness, Amir at-Tavil, Saudi princess, receives the deserved first place of our rating!

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