Top 10 NBA Teams With the Hottest Cheerleading Squads

An NBA game isn’t just about the play on the floor, but also the full experience during the event. 

NBA cheerleading squads provide a sexy spice to the NBA experience, combining seductive dance with smoking hot bodies.

Some teams have mastered the art of NBA dance teams, but really, in the end, it’s the girls that make or break their dance teams (that’s also why Keith Wilson didn’t make the Miami Heat’s final squad ).

This list breaks down the Top 10 cheerleading squads in the NBA. Enjoy!

10. Milwaukee Bucks Dancers

Known as Energee, the Bucks dancers continue to get better each year.

In addition to dancing and shaking their booty, these girls also elevate the fans’ social media experience. Expect to see action shots as well as what these girls wear on a night on the town.

Of course, this is Milwaukee so their popularity is limited, but that’s no fault of this squad.

9. Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team

Just like the Clipper basketball franchise, the Spirit Dance team is known as the “other” L.A. NBA dance team.

Most important – these girls look Hollywood! The truth is, much like their NBA team, this dance team can compete with anyone on this list, including their L.A. competition.

If the past couple years are any indication, history may be reversing and Spirit Dance team are up for the task.

8. Brooklyn Brooklynettes

The newest NBA franchise, the Brooklyn Nets, boast one of the more giving dance squads.

The Brooklyn Brooklynettes (not so sure about that name, but oh well), are big time on the court and also off the court, known for doing a lot in the surrounding community.

I don’t know if it’s intentional, but these girls look “Brooklyn” and that is a huge compliment.

7. Portland Trail Blazer Dancers

Obviously dancing is an art that can be used to convey many emotions.

The Trail Blazer girls’ routines always seem to have a segment of “this is where they grind” which, let’s face it, should really be a template for all NBA dance teams.

6. New York Knicks City Dancers

As the saying goes, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

The Knicks City Dancers get the best talent, often girls looking to get noticed. These days the product on the court isn’t much to watch, but these girls keep the crowd excited and the media on the edge of their seats.

In a city full of beautiful women, these girls represent well. Plus, spandex!

5. Toronto Raptors Dance Pak

Man, it gets really cold in Toronto during the NBA season, but the Raptors Dance Pak keep things warm during home games.

If you are into hot cheerleaders having fun this group is a must see. Right now is a great time to be a Raptor fan (don’t hear that often), the team is on the up and up and they have a dance team that is as well.

4. Phoenix Suns Dancers

I don’t know if it’s the desert or if this group of girls is more attractive than the other teams, but the Suns Dancers are one of the sexiest teams in the NBA.

Actually, maybe it’s the team colors; it just mixes well with blond hair!

Actually, now that I’ve researched more, the team colors also mix well with black, brown and red hair.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder Girls

Their basketball team is one of the young hot teams in the NBA so it makes sense that the Thunder Girls have the same reputation.

Anyone who has attended (or watched) a Thunder home game understands the electricity inside the arena.

The Thunder Girls keep this excitement alive even when the whistle blows, accelerating with non-stop energy, keeping their fans on their feet (or sitting and browsing their Instagram account).

2. Los Angeles Lakers Laker Girls

The Laker Girls are the Dallas Cowboy Cowgirl cheerleaders of the NBA.

As you would expect, the Laker Girls have a very Southern California look (read: gorgeous and often blond) and moves that to impress and bleed sex.

Laker fans are loud and proud of their NBA team and their Laker Girls.

1. Miami Heat Dancers

Miami is hot, but these girls are hotter. Smoking hot!

Of course having the hottest team on the court (and winning titles) the past few years helps, but that just means the Heat Dancers have to pick up the slack.

How will they do this? Wearing tiny spandex shorts is a good start.


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