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Most people are indifferent to gambling, if not negatively. There is an opinion that this is a negative habit, close to dependence, which normal members of society should avoid. But is this really so, and what does this "normality" mean?

Why then do the powers of this world respect gambling and do not lose the opportunity to go to a casino, play poker, or try the fortune for a slot machine? Such people, unlike typical representatives of the gray masses, live brightly. They are not limited to their everyday life and have something to share, in addition to stories about work and other mundane things.

Any casino is a place that attracts interesting, eccentric and non-standard personalities. Having visited such an institution you can plunge into the atmosphere of Hollywood movies, make a friend for an hour, break a jackpot or lose a lot of money – it all depends on luck. To betray excitement, or not – is a private matter for everyone. We have prepared for you the rating of cities with the largest casinos that attract gamblers from all over the world.

10. Reno, Nevada, USA

Reno is a small town that was the heart of gambling in America, until in the 60s of the last century the industry turned to Las Vegas. Reno is now widely recognized as an alternative to Vegas, divides their 700 km road along the highway.

In Rino there are such famous casinos as Atlantis Resort (in which the hotel has 1000 rooms) Peppermil Hotel Casino (1700 rooms), Grand Sierra and Bank Club – the largest casino in Nevada.

9. Paris, France

The most romantic city in the world can boast not only a huge number of historical attractions, but also numerous casinos. The most famous institution is the Aviation club de France, which was opened in the distant 1907.

This casino regularly hosts the stages of the World Poker Tournament, and its visitors are not only the French, but also the French Guests from other countries. Everyone who was admitted to visit the Aviation Club is given a special club card, the presence of which is a pass to the collective of selected visitors, where a warm and friendly atmosphere reigns.

8. London, England

London is not only the place where Big Ben is located, and the city where people like to drink tea, but also the haven of gamblers from all over the United Kingdom. It is home to more than 30 gambling establishments, most of which are concentrated in the central neighborhoods, in close proximity to major historical attractions.

The Hippodrom Casino, which makes sense Visit all the tourists in London, even those who are indifferent to gambling, because there are regularly performances cabaret Boom & Bang and the rest of the Burlesque elite of London. Casino Hippodrome is the regular venue for the most prestigious poker tournaments.

7. Singapore, Asia

The city-state of Singapore to legalize the flow of tourists legalized gambling in 2005, so it quickly became one of the world's centers of gambling.

As of last year, Singapore is considered the second largest casino market after the US, and it regularly enters the top five in terms of service quality. If you decide to visit this city, then definitely visit the Casino Resorts Word and Marina Bay Sands.

6. Nassau, The Bahamas

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and, in combination, a magnet for all tourists staying in this paradise. In addition to the chic beaches of the Caribbean Sea, Nassau can offer visitors a good selection of gambling establishments with an aggregate area of ​​more than 100 km 2 .

Best places – Scheration Nassau Beach Resort And Crystal Palace Casino, the latter is remarkable for its variety of table games (more than 160 types) and an exclusive assortment of tropical alcoholic cocktails.

5. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo – the cradle of gambling entertainment in Europe, a small town in a dwarfish state in the south of France, where in the early 19th century appeared one of the world's first casinos.

What could be better than going to the cult institutions located on the very coast of the Mediterranean, where James Bond himself in his unique novels performed his exploits. By the way, the legendary Casino Royale was just in Monte Carlo, and it was in Monte Carlo that the English intelligence officer was killed according to the literary source.

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Atlantic City was literally built around gambling establishments. The first legal casino in the US was opened right here, May 26, 1978 in Clahfonte Haddon Hall, and today Antlatik City is the second largest after the Las Vegas center of the gambling industry by the number of casinos.

The best establishments are Caesars Atlantic, Resorts Casino Hotel and Casino Taj Mahal, owned by the current President of the United States Donald Trump, in which the well-known movie "Deribasovskaya's good weather is filmed, or it rains again". By the way, in the credits to this film one can find the gratitude expressed by Trump directed by Leonid Gayday.

3. Sydney, Australia

However, for many Europeans and Americans, the trip to Sydney looks like something incredible, it is too far away.

However, the capital of Australia uniquely disposes Visit, because it is one of the most beautiful cities on earth and in addition to many attractions can offer to the services of tourists more than 60 casinos. Attention deserve – Star Sydney Casino, The Darling and Astral Tower Residence.

2. Macao, China

On the territory of China, gambling is officially prohibited, but in the state there are two administrative districts in which different legal norms operate. One of them is Hong Kong, the second is Macau, after which the title of Asian Las Vegas was established without a cause.

There are 35 casinos operating in Macau – a bit, but each of them amazes with its scales And luxury. The establishments receive a huge number of visitors from all over the world and, according to statistics, the combined revenues of Macau casinos outpace the combined gambling houses of Vegas and Atlantic City. The main source of profit is the local beau monde, Chinese billionaires are very fond of spending their immense savings in the casino. By the way, as in the institutions of Vegas, there is no concept of dress code in Macau, so gambling houses are open for everyone, even such grandees as The Venetian and Galaxy Casino.

1 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The first association that pops in the mind of most of those who hear the words "gambling" and "casino" is Las Vegas. The heart of the entertainment industry, attracting millions of people to the whole world is known for loud parties, luxurious hotels and chic restaurants. It regularly hosts numerous concerts, show programs and a variety of fashion shows, which most of us used to watch on TV.

There are 80 large casinos in Sin City, among Which is Luxor (notable for styling under the Egyptian pyramid), Monte-Carlo Casino (one of the highest casinos in the world), Bellagio (remember this dancing fountain from Hollywood movies?), Paris Casino (copy of the Eiffel Tower) and Excalibur Casino (huge complex , Stylized as a medieval castle). By the way, according to the astronauts, Las Vegas is the brightest place on the planet Earth.

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