Top 10 Sexy And Almost Real Robots Ever Existed

Eyes up here, terrified human.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence, robots are just now approaching the functionality that science-fiction fans have been reading and watching for decades. Some of the robots are even, dare we say, borderline sexy.

10. Actroid-F

This female robots have been tested in Japanese hospitals to see how patients react to them. She can imitate the movements of the people they are watching.

9. HRP-4C

The HRP-4C actually has the statistically average height of a female Japanese teenager. The company believes it may have applications in the entertainment or fashion business.

8. Cameron

Hey engineers in the year 2050: just make hot robot chicks, OK?

7. Actroid DER-2

If you need a hyper-realistic female robot but don’t have $100,000+ at hand, the company notes that rental units are also available.

6. Aiko

An inventor named Le Trung in Japan, who has never had a real girlfriend, built this, and it does cleaning, makes drinks and reads newspaper headlines.

5. T-X

The robot from Terminator 3 can throw you across the room. Worth it.

4. Robot Models

Just don’t pinch the sensitive part, thanks.

3. Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a virtual singer. Based on “vocaloid” technology and voice samples from a noted Japanese voice-over actress, Hatsune is the persona Crypton Future Media created to market their voice synthesizer.

2. Ava

It’s not just her sexy graphene-like mesh epidermis with all the requite curves, her personality is literally an amalgam of premium human characteristics.

1. Geminoid F

As you can see above, the Geminoid F is insanely close in appearance to the female model she was based on.

Just let us know when the ladies are ready.


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