Tower of Tatlin – Babel tower of communism

Soviet architecture and its directions are still an inexhaustible source of inspiration, not only for architects around the world, including the inhabitants of SurprizingFacts. Infected with Zaha Hadid's cosmic ideas and the unique design of the Shukhov Tower, we decided to recall the project located at the junction of futurism and constructivism – the Tatlin Tower.

The era of the "great socialist state" came after the revolution of 1917 and marked the beginning of strong changes. Changes have also affected art: once reigning bourgeois vestiges became a reflection of an unacceptable past and fell into disgrace, and revolutionary currents were given complete freedom of action, provided, of course, they relate to a new ideology. So there was a course of constructivism, not too appreciated by us, but very influential and respected for Western art to this day. The founder of Soviet constructivism was Vladimir Tatlin, the creator of the tower model, incredible and unique in its design, even in our time. It was to become the main symbol of communism and to inspire future generations with the same incredible accomplishments as it itself. But this did not happen. She was destined to survive communism and find its destination in another part of the world.
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