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When it comes to the ONYX Boox Max Carta reader, compromises are hardly appropriate. A huge 13.3 inch matrix E Ink Mobius Carta with a flexible plastic base, a powerful hardware filling for any working applications and accurate touch control with a stylus. And thousands and tens of thousands of A4 sheets, which are always at hand. The best space for daily work with any data and documents.

All working data at hand

Externally ONYX BOOX MAX Carta surprises and shocked the unprepared audience. Stereotypes have long been associated with E Ink displays with simple book readers. And MAX Carta is not like that. The new reader is essentially a full-fledged virtual space of A4 format created for viewing documentation and working files, instructions and tablatures, as well as any information published on large format paper. Here, the indistinguishable from the usual E Ink paper allows you to discard bulky piles of paper without losing a single drop of comfort.


The 13.3 inch E Ink Mobius Carta is the key feature of the ONYX BOOX MAX Carta. The display size is 270×203 mm with a resolution of 1650×2200 pixels, which gives a density of 207 pixels per inch, comparable to prints. The technology of filling the ink Pearl HD provides a 16 grayscale and 10: 1 contrast. The matrix itself is made using a flexible plastic substrate that reduces the likelihood of mechanical damage during impacts.

But dry figures can not convey the sensation from the daily use of this screen. A huge working surface with a detailed image of the image looks really amazing – especially when viewing working documents and tables, or PDF versions of materials that were mapped just under the A4 format.

Despite Dimensions, update speed does not exceed 0.8 seconds, additionally available ONYX A2 brand mode with 50% fill, reducing the update time to three frames per second. During reading, you can adjust the contrast to view more halftones, or vice versa, to tighten the depth of black. In addition, there is the SNOW Field mode, in which the screen is only partially redrawn, which reduces the appearance of redraw artifacts.

The touch screen reader reads the touch of an electromagnetic induction stylus familiar from graphic tablets. The control method allows you to work with the gadget in the same way as with paper documents, while ensuring the maximum accuracy and naturalness of handwriting. For creative work, an ascetic graphic editor is preinstalled, allowing you to write by hand or make a sketch.

Package Contents

The flagship reader ONYX BOOX MAX Carta comes in strict packaging from velvety black cardboard. The device itself is neatly packed in a complete felt-folder of felt, with an additional cushioning pad to protect the screen. Comes with a universal microUSB cable and an electromagnetic stylus, carefully packed in a separate box.


Sheet A4 format best describes the dimensions of the metal case of the device. The display surface is slightly recessed into a small frame, and the thickness of the reader is only 7.2 mm, making it convenient to keep it with one hand. The device weighs 560 grams – it can be safely worn every day with you in a bag or backpack.

In addition to the huge display, there are 4 small control buttons on the front in the lower left corner. The far left brings up the context menu, the right one – the return key, and the two middle ones are used to turn pages or adjust the volume.

All additional items are placed on the bottom of the case, where the slot under the microSDHC memory card is adjacent to the power button, microUSB connector and 3.5 mm headphone jack. The hole on the right is a microphone, and for a forced reboot it is necessary to hold the power button for a few seconds.

The right end of the gadget provides a smooth nylon tab for attaching the stylus, and on the back of the case In addition, the holes of the speaker are added.

Technical Specifications ONYX BOOX MAX Carta

13.3 ", E Ink Mobius Carta, 16 shades of gray, 10: 1 contrast, 1650×2200 pixels, touch (electromagnetic stylus)
Supported formats Text: TXT, HTML, RTF, FB2, FB2.zip, DOC, DOCX, PRC, MOBI, CHM, PDB, DOC, EPUB, PDF, DjVu
Graphic: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
Audio: MP3
In addition, you can install software to support other formats: XLSX, PPTX, etc.
Operating system Android 4.0.4
Processor and operational memory 2×1 GHz, 1024 MB
Repository and extensions 16GB + microSDHC
Communications Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0
Audio 3,5 mm, speaker, microphone
Dimensions and weight 325 x 237 x 7.2 mm, 560 g

Management and ergonomics

A gadget the size of an A4 folder and weighing just over a pound – obviously not pocket, but perfectly fit in a bag or backpack. The case safely protects the ONYX BOOX MAX Carta from contact with surrounding objects, adding the device about 150 grams.

If necessary, the reader can be used on the go – but in 10-15 minutes it's better to put it on a table or other work surface. In principle, everything is the same as with the A4 format book.

The main control is with the stylus. Touching the tip of the pen is equivalent to traditional finger tapping, and in the book applications, the stylus allows you to use additional functions.

The button located almost under the thumb switches the stylus to the mode of adding handwritten notes, and an additional element on the upper end allows you to quickly erase an extra piece of outline. All as in graphic tablets or using pencil and paper.

The book interface

When ONYX Boox Max Carta is turned on, we are greeted by a classic home screen with information about the latest open files, the top information line with the time and two useful icons: the activator of the fast drawing mode ONYX A2 Mode and the switch of the key mode forward and backward. The lower part of the screen is traditionally occupied by the library shortcuts, the file manager, the Android application menu, the browser and book settings. To bring up the context menu, you need to press the button under the screen or touch the stylus to the virtual label in the upper right corner.


Books are available in the shared library, where all supported files (including TXT, Epub, DJVu, PDF) are displayed, or opened through the file manager. [12]

For traditional book formats, the proprietary OReader application is provided, the possibilities of which we described in detail in previous reviews of our e-books. Note only that the screen allows you to vary the size of the font in a huge range, if you want, at any time, able to 4000 characters.

DJVu and PDF

The A4 format is irreplaceable when it comes to professional literature, working papers, catalogs and graphic works, in which every centimeter of space is consumed as efficiently as possible – on graphics and explanatory illustrations to the text. Most often these materials are digitized in PDF and DJVu, and for viewing them the screen of a pocket e-book is too small. ONYX BOOX MAX Carta with a 13.3 inch screen allows you to easily review all the details of the illustrations in their original size.

To view the DJVu and PDF files, you use the familiar NEO Reader, which allows you to adjust the contrast in the range 200 gradations and, if necessary, fine-tune the thickness of digitized fonts.

Editing and Editing Options

Advantage of ONYX BOOX MAX Carta – flexible control with the help of an electromagnetic stylus with an additional button "under the thumb". In normal mode, touching the edges of the screen flips through the pages, and touching the central area displays a context menu.

With the side button pressed, the stylus turns into a neat pencil, with which you can quickly emphasize the desired area, write a note on the field or select editing to return to the workplace and make corrections to the file. The thickness of the line is adjusted in the menu. The "eraser" tool allows you to erase part of the lines or the entire drawing if necessary. Touching the stylus cap removes the image with "blocks."

In addition, among preinstalled applications there is a drawing utility that allows the book owner to reveal creative skills and sketch a sketch during heated discussions at work. A pencil and a marker are available to choose from, several degrees of depression are recognized and the thickness of the strokes is adjusted. But the main thing: the drawing made by electromagnetic induction stylus, instantly appears on the screen, without lags and delays of drawing, as in the case with most tablets.

Android and third-party applications

Reader ONYX BOOX MAX Carta is not just a device for comfortable viewing of specialized literature, but also a working Android tablet. The hardware configuration includes a dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, with the ability to expand microSDXC memory cards.

The device is running an Android 4.0.4 operating system with the above-mentioned ONYX shell and slightly modified menu design.

Icons in the application menu are arranged with a 6×6 grid, with the ability to copy a shortcut to the home screen of the reader, and sort by name and type. Android settings are traditional, and a music player and a voice recorder have been added to the list of preinstalled applications. The latter will come in handy for recording lectures and speeches, and the music player can be run by the background while reading the documentation by connecting headphones or by limiting the built-in speaker with pure sound and average volume.

To communicate with the outside world in ONYX BOOX MAX Carta Wi-Fi wireless modules IEEE 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 are provided. You can manage connections in the Android settings or via the notification shutter, and the usual WEB Kit is used as the browser.

The Google Play store allows you to install the MAX Carta on ONYX BOOX Only a third-party browser and news aggregator applications, but also an additional office suite for working with documents, plus a special reader for comics in the CBR format. Due to the large diagonal of the screen, the owner of the book will be able to immerse himself in the worlds of painted heroes for a long time and comfortably, simultaneously comparing the original with the screen versions to the cinema in memory.


The battery capacity of 4100 mAh meets the needs of the display with high resolution and improved hardware stuffing. Consumers of energy at a minimum, because the system takes away only 200 MB of RAM, and the screen works only when updating the picture. Charges MAX from any USB-out, including laptop, or charging the smartphone.

The charge is enough for a week of active operation, with a couple of hundred pages viewed per day and periodic inclusion of Wi-Fi to access the network. Total four hours a day, and so all week without concern about connecting to the network. Charges the reader about five hours from the usual smartphone charging.


ONYX BOOX MAX Carta is unique and indispensable in situations where it is important to keep a large amount of information in A4 format at hand. The reader is safe for the eyes and allows you to work with it even in bright sunlight. Combining a screen the size of a laptop, accuracy of touch control at the level of a graphic tablet and iPad, this product is in demand in many industries.

The gadget will suit those who work in the field of education , Engaged in professional engineering activities, is a representative of the field of art and entertainment. In general, an excellent solution for professionals in their field, tired of compromises and paper red tape.

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