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 image Despite the March jumps in the bitcoin course (according to Coinmarketcap, the lowest cost of bitcoin in outgoing Month was 908 US dollars, the highest - 1279 US dollars) against the background of public discussions of its hard currency, the crypto currency is still valid throughout the world. 

<p> On April 1, in Japan, a bill came into force, according to which bitcoin and all altcoyins were recognized as official means of payment at the state level. </p>
<p> At the end of March, the Swedish investment fund Brave New World Investments AB began using bitcoin for investment purposes, namely, to purchase shares of Iranian enterprises. At the moment, the fund has already opened applications from investors. </p>
<p> Positive forecasts of investors regarding the growth of the cost of bitcoin are due to the toughening of the state policy regarding the movement of capital in China. In this case, according to the analyst of the brokerage company BellDirect, Julia Lee, the Chinese authorities' desire to limit the outflow of capital from the country only provokes demand for bitcoin. <br /> <a name=
Therefore, we, in the Wirex payment order service team, are trying to make the process of using bitcoin for customers from all over the world as convenient as possible. On April 8, all Wirex clients will have access to the updated application for iOS and Android. The new version will be faster and will include a number of improvements that we will implement in the next few weeks.


On Saturday, April 8, we will update the application.

Here is an overview of the changes:

  • New design

    We completed the rebranding of Wirex, completely moving away from the E-coin brand. All E-coin and Wirex users who have access to e-coin.io via desktop or mobile device will now be automatically redirected to wirexapp.com.

  • The possibility of buying bitcoin for the currency inside the application

    Buy bitcoins for US dollars, euros and British pounds will now be available inside the application.  image

  • ]

    Enhanced Wirex payment tools

    It will be possible to pay for new Wirex cards using an external wallet or an existing Wirex card.

  • Additional account replenishment

    You can now deposit your Wirex account via bank transfer or online payment.

  • Now the application is available in 13 languages ​​

    After the update, the application will be available in: Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Indonesian and Tagalog. The application language is automatically installed depending on the local settings of the smartphone.

  • A brighter application icon and logo will appear

As always, we welcome your ideas, wishes and feedback.

In order to use the latest version of the application, it will need to be updated on Google Play or the AppStore.

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