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Problems with your health a person is not always able to notice immediately. Sometimes the disease "hides" a long time, but when it manifests itself, it manifests itself in full. With the development of digital technologies, a person has got into his hands a lot of tools that allow you to monitor your body. And this is necessary not only to track and prevent problems, but also to see the result of their training and practice.

The title probably does not fully reflect reality, as an ordinary person treats himself Can not, and it is not worth trying. But here to monitor the state of your body – completely. A huge number of "beautiful and different" gadgets, including the same fitness trackers, says only that the idea of ​​checking yourself and your body every day is popular with many.

Today we'll see what's new in the gadget market, which are related to the world of health, and at the same time remember those devices that managed to prove themselves well.

Omron Evolv and QardioArm Cardiometers

Both look stylish, both designed to measure pressure in any situation, plus all data is transferred to a smartphone or any other mobile device. These cardiometers measure and record the blood pressure, and in the case of QardioArm (his review was published on GT in January), when recording the data, you can also specify where the measurements were taken (gym, sauna, house, etc.).

What can these devices do? Measure both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate (pulse). Work with devices may not even be a very advanced user. Well, the recorded data is stored both in the cloud and "locally", which is convenient enough, the indications can be sent to yourself or your treating doctor by e-mail.

Omron can be bought in Europe, and QardioArm – in Russia, And in Europe. By the code HEALTH there will be a discount of 20%.

AliveCor Kardia Band

This, at first glance, is the usual watch strap for Apple Watch. Yes, straps for these watches produce a huge amount. But AliveCor Kardia Band is created not only for beauty – with its help the clock removes very accurate ECG readings. A special application monitors signs of deterioration of a person that can lead to a stroke. The strap was tested in clinical conditions, so it can be used without any problems – it removes the exact data. The main drawback – to work with the strap you also need to have an Apple watch, and this is not such a cheap pleasure.

Scales QardioBase

If the smiley is cheerful, everything is fine. If sad – it is worth thinking about how to reduce your weight. Why upset the scales?

Pulse is a pulse, but you also need to follow your weight. With this help to cope as a conventional scales, and smart. Among the latter we would highlight QardioBase (their review was also published), as we have been experiencing for a long time and can say that yes – an excellent device.

They, in addition to weight, measure the body mass index (BMI) and a full set of indicators that determine the composition of the human body. This percentage of fat tissue, muscle and bone mass, water balance. All this is done thanks to bioimpedance sensor, which measures the electrical conductivity of the body and shows the result. But you can turn it off if you want to see only your weight. Today we thought and decided to make a discount for this GT readers to this device in 20% by the code word HEALTH.

Clever scarf Wair

The guys in the photo look like strange robbers with Great road. It's almost like that, only they do not rob anyone. The company that developed this scarf, offers its system to cyclists and everyone who lives in regions with dirty air. The fact is that this is not just a scarf, but also a kind of gas mask that absorbs many types of contaminants. Plus, it has a wireless sensor that sends air quality data to the user's phone. The ideal thing for those cyclists who like to ride on the road. So far, they are only going to release it, but there have been a lot of potential buyers.

This scarf was first introduced at CES2017.

Clever plaster FireFly and posture corrector Lumo Lift

Now it's fashionable to call all sorts of things clever. In the case of a smart patch, it is meant that the FireFly patch is attached to damaged joints, tendons, muscles and monitors their condition in real time. In addition, the device generates low-power electrical signals, which, as the creators of FireFly say, help to recover faster as it improves blood circulation.

Lumo Lift helps to correct posture. If something is wrong, the device immediately says that you need to align your back and keep your shoulders right. It tracks walking, jogging and any user movements, so the system should also be used as a light of a fitness tracker that keeps track of calories burned, the number of steps taken and the time the user spent with his back straight. Swaying will not work – the slightest hint and electric shock knocks down the user receives a corresponding message.

Genetic test Atlas

Only the lazy did not write about this test on SurprizingFacts. But he is really good. According to a sample of biological material (saliva), the owner of the test receives a detailed analysis of his DNA. This is a transcript with a number of health management tips that are divided into several categories. These risks to health, nutrition, advice on physical activity, information about the origin of the ancestors. There is even a description of personal qualities. An interesting feature of the test is the opportunity to know the predisposition to one of the 114 common diseases, and also to understand which medication is intolerant. A great thing, to be sure. The discount of 10% can be obtained by the code HEALTH.

IoT-stick for the elderly Dring SmartCane

And not only the elderly, of course. This thing not only helps to move – inside is hidden the system of notifications of friends and relatives of the owner. If suddenly a fall is recorded (not just a drop, but a long-term presence of the stick in a horizontal position immediately after active movement), then the wand sends a warning to all contacts that are previously stored in the device's memory. Inside there is also an accelerometer, a gyroscope and even a GPS. With such a stick, an elderly person can always feel protected. And yes, if you need help, just press the button. Available Dring SmartCane will be from September.

Fitness tracker Mio Slice

This is not just a tracker that measures steps, pulse and all that stuff. No, it lets you know how much the user's current activity is useful to his body. After all, you can wander for hours, and the benefits for a trained person it will bring a minimum.

To assess the optimal level of physical activity for the day, the tracker's creators introduced a new indicator of calculating personal activity – PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence). This indicator is derived from the results of many years of research work by Norwegian specialists, called the HUNT Study. This indicator is a complex characteristic of the evaluation of the effect of physical exertion on the cardiovascular system and the likelihood of the occurrence of cardiac diseases.

Yes, here also points are used, but they will not accumulate simply, it is necessary to work. PAI should be maintained at 100, then the likelihood that the user is working on himself as much as necessary, is high. If you think about buying, then we can help, reducing the price by 25%, only need to specify the code HEALTH.

Of course, in this collection, not all devices that help to monitor their health are indicated. If you have something interesting and useful in mind, write in the comments!

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