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Life is good, but it's even better to live well. This phrase is really fair, and most importantly relevant to the holidays. I want to rest for a full, not paying attention to various household trivia. An uncomfortable suitcase, problems with luggage, the inability to relax on the road – all this, unfortunately, is familiar to almost every traveler.

If you approach the issue responsibly, then some of the problems can be solved even before leaving your apartment. Different companies over the past few years have created a lot of things that can be useful not only for the geek. Today in the collection of exactly these things.

The Suitcase of the Bluesmart

The history of the suitcase Bluesmart began back in 2014, when its creators launched a campaign for IndieGoGO and just a month raised $ 2,261,662 (!). The BBC called it "an iPhone among suitcases." Finally, Bluesmart got to Russia.

The suitcase has every right to be called "clever", it is equipped with many useful trifles, which you can appreciate in any trip or travel. The point here is not so much in design as in functionality.

Bluesmart is equipped with two USB-ports, from which you can charge your devices (capacity 10 400 mAh). It has a sensor weight sensor that allows you to know the weight of the baggage without exerting any effort. This function should be appreciated by air travelers, each extra kilogram for which can turn out to be a big expense.

The suitcase lock is managed remotely, it is blocked if the phone with the preinstalled application is removed a certain distance. There is also a 3G / GPS-navigator, thanks to which the user can always be aware of exactly where his baggage is.

Ergonomics Bluesmart is also at a height, inside the suitcase is quite spacious, there you can put a lot of luggage. As for the application, it supports iOS and Android. The connection is via Bluetooth.

MK3 from R2GEAR

The MK3 gadget is a new development from the company R2GEAR, which has tried to make the most versatile device for travelers. Here, the functions of a smartphone, a radio beacon, a wireless speaker, an LED flashlight and a stylus are connected together.

The case of the device is protected from water according to the IP67 standard and is not at all afraid of external influences. If the emergency button is pressed, the device starts sending out text messages with the coordinates of the victim. The mailing is carried out on the contacts entered in advance.

The brightness of the flashlight is 150 lumens, the battery lasts about a day for such a flashlight. Well, the built-in stylus for displays will help you use your phone or tablet if your hands are frozen.

External battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 20,000 mAh

Even if there is a suitcase with which you can charge your devices, the external battery will still not interfere. Xiaomi recently released a second version of its capacious battery for 20,000 mAh. With its help, the battery of the iPhone 7, for example, can be charged more than 7 times.

This battery is approved by regulators, so that it can safely be carried aboard the aircraft. Actually, it's just an external battery, so there's really nothing to paint here. The only thing is, the battery is equipped with two USB ports, which allows charging several devices at the same time. The maximum output voltage and amperage are 5.1V / 3.6A. The battery is protected from short circuit, so you can easily charge your devices with it.

Cori Traveler Pillow

Cori Traveler is a comfortable cushion with a bunch of functions, the money for the production of which is collected on Kickstarter (only a few days left until the end of the campaign). Developers from Singapore have achieved that in the folded state, this pillow reaches only 12 cm in diameter. It fits in the palm of your hand. There is no electronics, but it is not needed here.

The Cori Traveler cushion consists of a long pillow, a belt and a short cushion. Thanks to all these elements, you can fix it as you like. It is useful in a bus, train and in the car will not be superfluous.

Biwan 2.0

This is an inflatable sofa with which you can relax anywhere and everywhere. Beach, apartment, meadow in the woods or even an airport – the rest became public. The second version of Bivan is flatter, which means it is more stable. Since Biwan is our own development, we should not have taken it and changed its design, making it as convenient as possible (all around 20 models of Bivans were created and tested during the production period).

In the second version we added a pillow and Membrane, which makes it possible to sleep face down. The fabric is impregnated with water-repellent impregnation. It even has pegs and lights.

The pump, by the way, is also not needed, so one problem is less. To inflate this sofa, you need only a few strokes, the whole process will take no more than 30 seconds (we marked). When folded, the Beavan 2.0 is very small and light (1.5 kg), it can be transported without any problems, for this purpose, a comfortable shoulder bag is included. The air keeps the inflatable sofa for about 12 hours.

GoTenna's messenger-messenger

This device looks like a regular flash drive. In fact, it's a walkie-talkie, allowing to communicate to travelers who have wandered through the forest or other locations. To work just need to connect the radio wirelessly to the smartphones of all participants in the trip.

And then even without communication you can communicate in the messenger, exchange information, however, the range of the device is not very large – only 5 kilometers.

Bobby Compact is a small city backpack , But its purpose is to contain the most valuable. This is a laptop, phone, gadgets, wallet. For the campaign it is hardly worth using, but for a trip to rest – quite. The fact is that the backpack is designed with the thought of the safety of the owner's things. In the world, there are annually up to half a million pocket thefts, so nobody is immune from this.

The XD Design Bobby Compact backpack is protected from the hands of strangers – for example, the zipper of the main compartment is hidden under a cloth bend. From the outside it seems that this backpack does not have any lightning at all.

It can be opened at different angles, as convenient for the user. The material is multi-layered, it is made to protect against squeezing and attempts to cut material. In addition, the material is completely water resistant, so that the water spray for the backpack is not a hindrance. If there is a desire, you can protect the backpack additionally with a moisture proof cover.

Inside you can comfortably place a laptop and a tablet. The size of the laptop that fits here is a maximum of 14 inches. In Bobby Compact there is a special USB port (inside the backpack is a wire), so when you connect an external battery, the owner gets a universal charging station.

On the back of the backpack is a pocket with a zipper, where you can hide your phone, keys and important documents.

Universal PowerCube ReWireable

If you are going to travel to different countries, then it is worth remembering that a number of states have different standards for the connectors of electrical appliances. And find the correct adapter, arriving late at night in a country, it can be very difficult.

In this situation, the ReWireable device from PowerCube can be useful. It allows you to charge your phone, laptop or tablet anywhere in the world. Of course, in the event that there is electricity.

Cover for the passport of the Zavtra

The cover for Zavtra documents, like Bevan, is our own development. It allows you to place your passport, rights, bank / discount cards and most importantly – boarding pass for the long-awaited flight.

Everything here is quite simple, but, at the same time, it is convenient. The cover is made of genuine leather and can withstand the test of time. With such a cover, no trip is terrible.

The cube-antistress Fidget Cube

We already wrote about this cool cube, it is a lesson for the hands, with which it will not be bored anywhere. Fidget Cube will allow you to relax at a meeting or just to occupy yourself with something during a painful wait.

On each face of the cube are different buttons, wheels, torsion bars. There is a clicker, switches and other things to which fingers stretch. In order not to interfere with colleagues at work, the clicking switches are made quiet or even without sound, so this cube will not affect neighbors' nerves.

Of course, there are a lot of good and different gadgets for rest, much more , Than allows to place the volume of the article. Do without them, in principle, you can. But if you can make the road to the cherished place for recreation or the rest itself is better, why not? By the way, if you need something useful on the road / vacation / business trip, sign off in the comments, we all, I think, will be interesting.

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