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Fraser Kane: Imagine how the whole The star collapses into a gravitational singularity. An object with such a mass is compressed so tightly that nothing, not even light, can not escape its attraction. Not surprisingly, these objects captured our imagination. And, nevertheless, I have a claim.

The name "black hole" seems to have caused some misunderstanding. And pictures that show a black hole as a gravity well, just do not help.
Of those letters that you send me, I realized that many imagine these objects as majestic portals to another world or dimension. Like some gate, behind which you will find a world of adventures and beautiful people in strange chain armor and bikinis.

So what would happen if you jumped into a black hole? Where would you go? What's on the other side? Where will they lead you?

Adults, if you have children with you, then ask them to leave – now I will destroy their sci-fi Christmas. Well, I warned you.

Black holes are not really "leading" anywhere. The most "hole" in them there. These are massive black spheres in space with an incomprehensible gravitational field.
We are familiar with black things, such as asphalt or T-shirt with Cure from their concert tour, which you erase exclusively by hand. But black holes have a different blackness – they are black, because even light (the fastest thing in the universe), surrendered, trying to escape from their immense gravity.

Let's introduce a context. Imagine, imagine that you are carrying an elephant on your shoulders. Better yet, imagine that you are wearing an entire elephant, like a suit. Now get off the couch and go for a walk … That's how you feel if the Earth's attraction increases fiftyfold.
If we increase the gravity around your sofa to the level of the weakest black hole, then it will be billions of times stronger than what you felt in an elephant suit.

So, if you jumped into a black hole, riding your space dragon, pulling giant combat gloves, using some ridiculous light weapons of close combat, then you will immediately convert! By those awful tidal forces that unwind your body to the streams of atoms and then your mass will become part of a black hole. To make everything clear – you do not get anywhere. You just join the black hole. It's the same as dreaming to get into a wonderland, jumping into a garbage press. If you jump into a black hole, you will find one continuous growing discomfort and splitting into atoms.

But this is really a nightmarish part … As time is distorted near the horizon of black hole events, the Universe outside will observe how you plunge into It's slower and slower. Theoretically, from their point of view, your transformation into a part of a black hole will take infinity. Even the photons reflected from your twisted body will be stretched to such an extent that you will become redder and redder, and, in the end, just disappear.

Now that's over. Let's clarify the question of this diagram (see video 3:44). Look at this image of the gravity well of a black hole. Everything that has mass distorts space-time. The more mass you have, the more distortion you create. And black holes create the greatest distortions, than anything else in the universe. The light moves in a straight line through space-time, even when it was curved into the womb of a black hole. When you are inside the black hole event horizon, all the paths will lead directly to the singularity, even if you are a photon of light that moves directly from it. It sounds awful.
The good news is that from your point of view this is a quick and painful death for you and your space dragon.

So, if you planned a trip to a black hole, I advise you to change your mind. It is not possible to quickly travel around the universe or go to a higher form of consciousness. On the other side, there is nothing. Only splitting and death. If you want to escape into another dimension, can I offer a good book instead?

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