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It is believed that the universe occurred as a result The Big Bang. Have you ever wondered what caused the Big Bang? Fraser Kane will reveal the veil of this mystery for you.

About thirteen and eight billion years ago the universe was born as a result of an explosion. She opened the door with her foot, took out cheese and ice cubes, put a huge bowl of punch and invited all the neighbors to a party, and what a party to all the parties, until the end of time.

What happened before that? What was before the Big Bang?

Considering the history of the universe, we take the Big Bang for the reference point and study everything that happened after. Exactly the same way that astronomers see the universe, looking back from the present.

Everything that we can distinguish here is the relic radiation that appeared three hundred eighty thousand years after the Big Bang. It is impossible to see anything before, the universe was opaque dense and hot. Like pea soup. Soup from delicious, burning, high-calorie "whole."

In a flawed, traditional, terrestrial coordinate system, without the TARDIS, we are unable to see the origin of the universe from its place in space and time. Damn you, our place in space and time! Fortunately, there were wise people who voiced some hypotheses – sometimes crazy, sometimes incomprehensible, delirious minds all without exception.

The first thought: it all began as a kind of quantum oscillation, expanding to the modern universe. Something completely elusive, growing with time, gave rise to our existence as a by-product.

Alternative version: our universe originated in a black hole of an older universe. Think about it. Cook in your bowler. There was a universe right here, but not our universe, then it became a black hole. And from this hole we were born and all around us. Literally, everything that we see, wherever we look, and everything that exists so far only in our imagination.

Here's another idea: we constantly observe the appearance of new particles in the universe. And what if, after a long time, an entire army of particles, so that it was enough for the universe, appeared simultaneously? Seriously … And for a long time a lot of "undeveloped" were accumulating, which was unlucky.

Most recently, the BYISEP-TWO team discovered probable evidence of inflation of the early universe. Their conclusions, like all statements of this scale, have provoked harsh controversy. If the inflation version is correct, our universe can be part of a larger multiverse. And the most popular version of this version assumes an eternal expansion, under which universes appear constantly. And ours turned out to be one of them by accident.

Perhaps asking what was before the Big Bang is like asking what is north of the North Pole. Perhaps, in the presence of the root cause, does the chosen angle for us make us believe? We want to think that phenomena should have a cause, but suddenly the Universe is an exception? Maybe she just is. Because.

Invent yourself. What was before the party? Tell us in the comments.

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