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Startup Essential Products, founded in 2015 by Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, recently became a "unicorn". On the slip of the Silicon Valley, this means that the firm is valued at more than $ 1 billion. For a young company that is going to release physical devices and compete with Apple, this is a serious milestone. The title of "unicorn" impresses even more, considering that Essential at the time of evaluation did not ship to buyers a single device. In this case, even in Russia, the company is heard about. Artemy Lebedev writes in his blog:

"The most interesting company for today is Essential. I am confident that they will be able to move many. And we will hear a lot about them. "

The parcel was able to figure out where this attention to the new company comes from and whether it will evaporate along with the release of their first smartphone, which is now being received by buyers.


The main HYIP is connected with the name of Andy Rubin himself. Since 1989, he worked at Apple, where he received the nickname "Android" for his productivity. In 2003, he created an operating system (named after himself, of course). Then no one thought about smartphone applications, Apple was happy to sell iPods, and Nokia and Siemens were considered giants of the mobile industry. In 2005, a new startup was bought by Google. Rubin worked for the "corporation of good", decided that it was not for him, he opened a bakery (mmm!) And began selling delicious sweets. Then, in his own words, he realized that something is wrong with the smartphone market: commercialization, attitude towards users, like milking cows … And the Android system in the hands of Samsung, Sony and the others played a major role in this movement.

Andy Rubin was here and decided to return to big business. And at the same time "to return passion to smartphones" (whatever that means). In 2017, Andy announced the imminent release of the phone, embodying this very passion, and the news was happily picked up by journalists and neighbors in the Silicon Valley. Essential Phone was nicknamed "anti-iPhone". Provocative name played into the hands of both news sites, and Andy Rubin himself.

In fact, the view was formed that Essential could become the only high-quality American alternative to Apple in the smartphone market. Only on Android and "for those in the subject", and not for the mass audience. Comparison with Apple is not accidental: the Essential smartphone is made in China by Foxconn, which also produces the iPhone. She is also a partner of Rubin, is investing in development and will help Essential Phone enter the Chinese market. This is important for two reasons. First, the Chinese are now – the main buyers of smartphones in the world, they spend on them even more than Americans. Secondly, Android in China occupies more than 80% of the market, and Essential Phone there will feel at home.

One of the main advantages, due to which investors have already invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Rubin's project, is not In the smartphone, and in the ecosystem . The idea is that around Essential will form a whole cavalcade of devices for the "smart house". Of these, we still only know about the Essential Home column. Thanks to her, the smartphone will turn into an assistant and will be able to launch different operations on the voice command. Obviously, the column should become a competitor for Google Home. The details are still unclear, but Rubin's ambitions clearly go further than the release of the new smartphone, and it's important for the silicon magnates to know this.

6 ideas by Andy Rubin

Essential is designed to make the use of technology as convenient as possible. Although Android has achieved a lot in the last 14 years, this OS is also responsible for the fact that new smartphones are becoming more complicated, rather than being simpler. Each manufacturer adds to the system its applications, extra programs, themes. Many products refuse to work with each other or perform the same function, and users have to put up with it. According to Rubin, he feels responsible for this, and Essential should be one of the first steps to solving this problem.

In his blog, Rubin published 6 ideas that He took as a basis for work on Essential Products:
1. Gadgets are your personal property. We will not force you to use what you do not want.
2. We will cooperate with others. Closed ecosystems are hopelessly outdated.
3. Access to premium materials and high quality of work should not be restricted.
4. Gadgets should not become obsolete every year. They must develop together with you.
5. Technology should help you enjoy life.
6. Easier, always better.

The Ruby Manifesto has become quite popular, but even if you agree with it on all points, you do not need to immediately run and change your iPhone 7 to Essential PH-1. The new company striving to compete with Apple, there are critics.


While Essential Products from the outside looks not very professional. The main updates about the company's work mostly appear on the founder's Twitter. The new smartphone was announced in the same place – in the tweet of Andy Rubin on March 27, 2017. On the one hand, press releases, conferences and announcements for the expo are something that the industry has already become accustomed to, and Essential seems to be in the way of opposition, so how else should it be declared? On the other hand, it's quite modest to announce a new gadget in a small personal tweet.

Undermines faith and the constant postponement of the sending of the smartphone. At first the output was planned for July. Then – at the beginning of August, then – on August 18, and suddenly the opportunity to buy online from Best Buy and Amazon opened on the 17th, a day earlier than expected. The reason for the one-month delay – the error found in the software – also causes some concerns. Still, in this sphere the Android creator should understand best, and here you are.

Ecosystem? The idea is good, but it is not very clear whether it will be realized. According to rumors, the ecosystem will operate on a proprietary modular interface, and all devices will be connected via a wireless connection at 60 GHz. It's unclear whether you need your own API, whether someone can create fashion for Essential, add their own gadgets. If sales of the smartphone do not meet expectations, in addition to the Essential Home column, we will not see anything, and in itself it does not give the user anything roofing.

However, the fans of the Essential Phone design and the idea behind the company were not against expectations, so That the HYIP around the gadget continues. Fans also believe in the future of the ecosystem, and they can not be described as "deceived by advertising": Essential Products are not spent on such Essential Products, and the main novelists seem to be those enthusiasts who simply can not be pinched. A couple of weeks ago, the number of strategic investors Essential included Amazon, Tencent and Foxconn. In total, they invested in the company Andy Rubin $ 300 million Obviously, the main American store and the big Chinese corporations are able to count their money and apparently understand that the gadget can fire.

How it came out

What is there, in this "most haypovoy gadget of summer"? The first smart phones have already reached the reviewers, and in general they (that is, surveyors) are set up positively. According to TheVerge, the smartphone is "more beautiful and more pleasant than other flagships." Among the pluses are absolutely clean Android with no superfluous superstructures, a frameless screen and a long battery life.

Essential Phone runs on Android 7.1.1. Google has already submitted Android 8.0 Oreo, but the upgrade to this system in the priorities is not worth it. For hardware, the smartphone is similar to the flagship Google Pixel ($ 649 in the US Google Store) and Samsung Galaxy S8 ($ 575 on Amazon). It has the same processor as the Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon 835), 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. The battery is slightly larger than in Pixel and Galaxy S8 (3040 mAh). The screen resolution is 2560х1312, the diagonal is 5.71 inches. The screen is frameless, which again makes Essential Phone similar to the Galaxy S8. True, here there is a difference – the front camera, installed in the novelty at the top in the middle. This camera was full of criticism when the first renderers were presented to the public, but people who received their smartphones say that you do not pay attention to it at all during use.

Behind the two cameras is the usual 13 Mpix and monochrome at 3 Mpix . They say that the color reproduction is even better than that of the iPhone, Pixel and Galaxy S8. The gadget also boasts an unusual design and body made of titanium and ceramics. The strangest element is the two magnetic points behind. They can be connected to various modules, while this is a charging station and a 360 ° camera. The developers from Essential hint that the sensor for the applications of augmented reality is on the way.

You can buy Essential at Best Buy, Amazon and on the official site. The price of the smartphone is $ 699. For a set with a 360-degree camera you will be asked $ 749 (if you take two products separately, it will cost $ 898).

From the negative moments: the smartphone is called too minimalistic. It does not have a mini-jack, water protection, and the speaker is only one, even without a stereo. People are also not sure about the "modular" system: Lenovo (Motorola) and Huawei tried it already, and additional modules were of little help.

Microsoft and BlackBerry, two powerful innovative companies, in recent years were forced to leave the telephone Business. Can [Essential] give something that they could not?

Andy Rubin compares his company in the gadget market with Tesla in the car market, but so far it is unclear what his feature is, except for the stock Android.

What do you think, will it take off or not take off?

P.S. In Russia, Essential is not yet delivered – there is no notification of the FSB. Therefore, we can not recommend it for purchase. But the clients of Banderolok can freely order other gadgets from America – at prices one and a half to two times cheaper than Russian ones (for example, class discounts for Apple products, but here we sell cheaper iPhones). Registering with this link, you will receive a 7% discount on the first delivery of any purchases from the USA. Check the prices for NeweGG, B & H and Amazon, it's worth it.

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