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Hello everyone! With the modern "okologatzhetnoy" journalism today something strange is happening and, frankly speaking, unpleasant. Not very well versed in the question of the authors and, most importantly, having no desire to understand it, begin to scribble reviews of the readers. Expressing opinions based not on facts, but on judgments of completely incomprehensible origin. The other day there was just such a case. Below I will talk about it and put all the dots over i in the question of protected readers.

Memory – a thing extremely important for any person, and for a journalist – doubly. And for a journalist who writes articles not to the newspaper "Vecherniy Klimovsk", but to the leading Russian Internet portal about technologies and gadgets – that's all. Why am I doing this? Yes, here is not so long ago on the Internet there was a review of the reader. A typical such would be an overview of the usual kind of reader. But – type with a twist. Type with protection against splashing water. The review author commented on this chip as follows:

Like, this is the first in my memory (actually, the key reservation!) Is an electronic book with protection from splashes. Once again I repeat the thought expressed above – the memory in the work of an IT journalist is one of the most important tools. If it does not exist and if the journalist does not know how to correctly substitute it for one of the search engines (Yandex, Google – to whom that likes it) … well, from my point of view, probably, it's better to be an IT journalist and not to be. (By the way, that author of the reader's review is just now being dismissed from a worthy and respected site, as the readers wrote in the comments – that, Respect to him for such a decision, it is correct!)

However, once again we will give the floor to Mr. auto RU. First he writes that "protection from splashing" in the reader in question does not provide the possibility of bathing in the bathroom. And then in the next sentence says that such protection makes it possible to read in the bathroom or near the pool without fear of missing the device. A strange combination of thoughts, do not you think? On the Internet, this is called "mutually exclusive paragraphs". But we go further: the author specifies that the protection in the reader is realized with the help of the gel of the company HZO. Then leads the reader model of a Canadian-Japanese company, in which this gel was used for protection earlier. Cool! Here the hero of the review is "the first of its kind in the memory of the author", and a little later it turns out that it is not the first one at all, and that there used to be models with the same protection.

However, let's not for long Proceed to criticize the talents of an "experienced" journalist, who also leaves the project. It is possible that he wrote a frankly weak, error-prone review due to the dismissal of depression. We wish him luck and advise you to train your memory!

And now I will tell you about which model really became the world's first secure reader. Not "in my memory," but in fact. And not only from splashes, but CARDINALLY FULLY 100% protected. And what this first "off-road" reader in the world evolved three years later.

So, get acquainted, PocketBook 640 Aqua. This model of the sample of spring of 2014 became the first in the world (in the world, and not only in Russia!) With a secure reader with an E Ink screen. It was protected with the help of tuling – from the word tool (tool). Underneath this is to understand the most tightly hammered case with no excess slots, rubber gaskets on all screws and joints of panels, additional sealant protection, strict control of tolerances on assembly lines. Roughly speaking, the filling of the reader is enclosed in a completely sealed capsule. And the reader is designed in such a way – that is, as secure as possible – from scratch, it's not just "they took a regular reading room, anointed its motherboard with gel and got a type of protected model." As a result, the PocketBook 640 Aqua was officially certified according to the IP57 standard: it lasted up to half an hour in water at a depth up to a meter.

History does not say why the author of that ill-fated review did not know about the existence of the PocketBook 640 Aqua and did not ask Google what the reader was the first reader with protection in the world. Moreover, if the journalist were to go to Google or Yandex with such a question, he would probably have found out in issuing the information about the PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 model of the 2017 model – the successor to the PocketBook 640 Aqua.

Especially strange this "forgetfulness" looks against the backdrop of the fact that PocketBook is an unconditional long-term leader of the Russian reader market. At the end of 2016, about 70% of the total volume of readers sold in Russia – this is exactly the packages. So do not notice the flagship model of the market leader – well, it's some sort of oooooooochen strange forgetfulness, your will! Well, okay … Let's get back to the readers themselves.

PocketBook 641 Aqua 2, released on sale in June 2017, is the only reader on the Russian market with 100% full protection against water. Analogues are not even close. Simply because the PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 is also protected by tuling and also complies with the IP57 standard. This means that he easily experiences a meter long half-hour full immersion in water, not to mention those very sprays.

Here, admire the adventures of PocketBook 641 Aqua 2. The sea, washing under the tap, bathing in the bathroom, coffee and sweet water, felling in the sea and in the rain – the reader has experienced all this without problems.

But the famous blogger Alex Exler PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 pours beer, Ketchup spoils, and then under the water it washes off:

The beauty queen Bozena Rynska in the bathroom with the reader PocketBook 641 Aqua 2

As for the reader, tested by a "forgetful" journalist, he T of water in the full sense of the word and is not protected. Spray? I'll open a terrible secret: almost all gadgets are protected from them today, from smartphones and cameras to electric bicycles. Protection at the level of IP54 (the so-called "protection from splashes") – has long been a standard for all, and decent manufacturers do not even mention it on the packaging of their devices. But phrases like "on the beach, near the pool can be read without fear of missing the device" does not really have anything to do with reality. Well, not the slightest. Because the reader with the HZO gel protection is afraid of diving in the water just like a person with a rabies virus. Well, that is very afraid, up to the colic in the abdomen and blushing of the ear lobes.

HZO gel, as a rule, is applied to the card with a brush and in some cases is able to prevent the failure of the device after light contact with water. We emphasize: in a number of cases and after easy contacts. If only a couple of drops of water are poured into the body and concentrated in the place where the board is good, it is smeared with a gel from the heart. And if a Chinese worker thought about something beautiful and some fragment of the board did not work on the gel, then write down, the reader will die after contact with the water. Yes, HZO can be used as additional protection (and in PocketBook 641 Aqua 2, too, used a similar gel properties, by the way,), but – only complete with a full tuling. Which just is in the PocketBook model and which is absent in the reader so liked journalist, named in honor of one of the heroes of the works of Daniel Defoe.

And finally – a little bit of information about the PocketBook 641 Aqua 2. Without any particular details, since SurprizingFacts.ru has a detailed review. The model is really worthy of attention, because, again, this is the only fully protected from water and dirt reader. And on vacation for the rest of the summer, it is very much possible to buy it – and yet the velvet season is ahead!

First: what has changed in the PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 compared to the PocketBook 640 Aqua? Here is a comparative tablet, where everything is neatly painted:

In short – PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 got a backlight, a body made of more pleasant materials, more memory and the screen of the latest generation – E Ink Carta. At the same time, the level of security remained unchanged and maximum for the readers – IP57.

PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 has a number of "cookbook values":

• Support for as many as 18 formats of books and documents is the maximum for the market, no one else, no other manufacturer . That is, any book downloaded on the Internet will open without additional dances with a tambourine – all sorts of conversions there.

• E Ink screens only of the "first grade" -the so-called A Grade, without any rejection with stripes, stains and other Artifacts, which other manufacturers do not disdain. I emphasize that the use of this very culling (the so-called B-Grade) is a common practice for small manufacturers of readers for second-tier brands, since such displays are noticeable (sometimes 2 times) cheaper than first-class screens (A-Grade).

• 2 years of brand guarantee for all devices. And not one year, as with any other readers (including the one that was cut off by the "forgetful" journalist). And, importantly, in the case of the PocketBook 641 Aqua 2, the warranty applies to any (even scanty!) Water ingress into the case. Water in the case is a 100% guarantee case.
The reader of the "forgetful" journalist is not designed for bathing at all, and the failure of the device after getting water inside will not be a guarantee case. And this is clearly written in the instructions to this reader of the "forgetful" journalist – see below.

And in the warranty card on protection against water and the consequences of its impact, nothing is said at all, not a single word:

Important point: the PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 has a battery for 1,500 mAh, and in the reader, tested by a forgetful journalist – 3,000 mAh. The most interesting is that a twice as capacious battery in fact does not give any real increase in performance: these devices work equally – up to a month on one charge. Just in the reader with "splash protection" is used an ancient version of Android, very eager to charge the battery and eating it for both cheeks.

Here is a story with an unprotected reader, a bad memory of some journalists and the only real water-protected device for reading – PocketBook 641 Aqua 2.

] PocketBook 641 Aqua 2 with live Black Sea crab – in water they both feel equally comfortable!

If anyone has questions, comments, suggestions and other reasons for the discussion – welcome to the comments!

PS After negative comments, which were repeatedly pointed to the actual error (the fact that the first protected reader was the PocketBook model), in an article on Mobile-Review.com corrected the error and completed a piece about the existence of PocketBook Aqua. It was completed!

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